Everyone Believes In LeBron James Again; Doc Tells His Celtics To Pack For A Week

Unless you're Skip Bayless and your job is to swim against the current of popular opinion — that being LeBron James keeping Miami almost single-handedly from exiting the playoffs was an incredible, once-every-50-years performance — LBJ was the first thing you talked to your friends about around the water cooler.

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Why The Hornets Should Trade Chris Paul


Chris Paul said on Twitter today that he wants to represent the Hornets and New Orleans for years.

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The Hornets May Have Won The Battle, But Lost The War


I'm not saying anything profound by declaring that the NBA is a business.

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NBA Trade Rumor: Zydrunas Ilgauskas For David West


It's no secret that the Cavs are looking to add one more piece for their title run this Spring. And while names such as Antawn Jamison and Troy Murphy have popped up and fizzled out, it appears the latest rumor out of Cleveland has the Cavs making a run at David West.

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