That Sledgehammer Lawyer From The 2014 Super Bowl Is Back With A Vengeance


Sledgehammer-wielding lawyer Jamie Casino was back at this year's Super Bowl with an epic new commercial.


This Cocky LSU Fan Is All About That Thug Life And We Need To Get Out Of Her Way

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There was a thug in the Bayou yesterday and you don't mess with a thug in Cajun Country.


Nearly $100,000 Has Been Raised For The Gay Teen Who Filmed His Family Abusing Him

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Daniel Pierce filmed his family emotionally and physically abusing him because he's gay. He wants you to watch the footage.

the government has better things to do

A Georgia Woman Is Suing Over A City Ordinance That Requires A Prescription To Buy Sex Toys

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City officials in Sandy Springs passed a law to require prescriptions for sex toys, and businesses and people are not happy about it.

time to barium

This Student May Be Banned From Graduation Over A Chemistry Joke

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A high school senior made a juvenile chemistry joke in her yearbook, the school is freaking out, and this news team is ON IT.


This Local Newsman Is Very Excited To Report About A Man Who Robbed A Waffle House With A Pitchfork

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A man robbed a Waffle House with a pitchfork, but the real entertainment comes from the news report about the robbery.


Good News, Aspiring Sexual Deviants: Georgia Courts Rule That Unsolicited Dick Pics Are A-OK!

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Bad news for women who don't like rando dicks popping up in their text messages!


The Atlanta Braves Are Ditching Decrepit, 16-Year Old Turner Field For A New House In The Suburbs

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The Atlanta Braves are moving to Cobb County, GA, in 2017, leaving Atlanta's Turner Field after only 20 years.


A Georgia High Schooler Wrestled A Kid With Down Syndrome And Became Our New Hero

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A Georgia high school wrestling star faced off against a competitor with Down Syndrome, won a sportsmanship award and became my personal hero.


A 12-Year Old Girl Can't Play Football Because Boys Get Boners, And Also The Bible

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Maddy Blythe is a 12-year old girl who loves football and attends a Christian private school in Georgia.


10 Random Thoughts About The Impact Wrestling Scratch Off Game

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@matt_T tweeted at me a little earlier, and the message read, "I just saw this today.


Keith Ratliff, One Half Of The Popular FPSRussia YouTube Channel, Murdered In Georgia

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Keith Ratliff, who co-runs the sixth most popular YouTube channel FPSRussia, is dead at age 32 in a suspected homicide.

Vern Fleming

Back To The Future: The Revival Of Georgia Basketball

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Football is more than just a sport at the University of Georgia; it is like a cult that seduces the entire campus into a frenzy every Saturday each fall.

Vinny Del Negro

DimeTV: L.A. Clippers Introduce Trey Thompkins & Travis Leslie

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While most of the NBA's Lottery teams were busy selecting first-round talent in last week's Draft, the Clippers found themselves on the outside looking in.


Kentucky Tops Ryan Harrow’s List, Decision By Friday

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Just a year ago, Ryan Harrow was named the Gatorade Player of the Year in the state of Georgia after averaging 32.

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