‘Wetlands’ Is Back With More German Perversion In This NSFW New ‘Pink-Band’ Trailer

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'Wetlands' gives you all the bodily function and dysfunction humor you can handle. Don't worry, it's German.


The German Candy That Allows You To Eat An Ass With Ears

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"A... mit Ohren" AKA Arsch mit Ohren AKA Ass with Ears are apparently delectable treats in Germany, because why wouldn't they be?

whopping waldos

Ungrateful German Man: Woman With Massive Breasts Almost Motorboated Me To Death

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Franziska Hansen is a German woman with large breasts. Tim Schmidt is a German lawyer Franziska dated. He is not a fan of motorboating, apparently.


Germany is making a movie version of Scrotie McBoogerballs, basically

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In one of my all-time favorite South Park episodes, the boys get assigned Catcher in the Rye in school, only to find that it's not nearly as offensive as they'd been promised, and set out to write a properly offensive book, which they call "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs.


Germany Has Had Enough Of Your Drunken Facebook Parties


Remember that girl in Hamburg, Germany who a few weeks ago had over 1,500 people show up for a birthday party at her parents house when she announced it with an open invitation on Facebook, causing over 100 police officers to have to be dispatched to break up the party.


Germans Get Us One Step Closer to a Terminator

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Not that we resent science for simply trying to advance robotics, but when you build something, look at it, and realize you've built a Terminator hand, you really have to ask yourself what, precisely, you're trying to achieve as a scientist and whether it happens to be a good thing.


German Scarecrow Much Better Than Other Scarecrows


More often than not, television commercials for local businesses can be rather weak, like this one here (sometimes even mildly racist).

#Star Trek

Behold: German Klingon Rapper Exists, We Shall Call Him Klenginem

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Well, this article should be a learning experience for all: if there happens to be one language that I'm even worse at than German, it's the Star Trek based vocabulary of Klingon.


Too Cool For A Segway? Get Your A** Kicked Thanks To The FlyRad (Video)

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I realize that it must get pretty tiresome having intercourse with people who find you attractive.


Oscar Watch: Uwe Boll’s Blubberella Trailer Goes Online

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Uwe Boll is pioneering the way German directors adapt the Matrix bullet dodge joke.


Uwe Boll films a fat chick, Clint Howard

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Fresh off his awesome-looking Auschwitz movie, which in turn followed quickly on the heels of his brilliant-looking Darfur movie with a misspelled trailer starring Billy Zane (side note: it's almost as if he's not taking much time on these), Uwe Boll is going back to intentional comedy with Blubberella.


New Software May Change the Way We Win Oscars

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The idea that an actor could undergo a drastic transformation for a role and automatically become a candidate for critical acclaim Scientists in Germany have developed software that can make actors appear thinner, fatter, taller or more buff on screen.


Science Working Hard: Women Prefer Guys Who Can Dance Like This (Video)

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Look, so I realize that this is going to sound pretty out there, but a recent study has just confirmed that women find guys who can dance good more attractive than guys who cannot.

X rays

X-Ray Pinup Calendar: Germans & The Japanese Working Together

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Japanese computer company EIZO has the right idea when it comes to promoting their high-end monitors to doctors: they get Germans to do it for them.


Real-Life Weekend at Bernie’s attempted in England

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Two women in England broke the first rule of corpse disposal over the weekend, which is that you can hide, but you can't run.



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Most people remember 1995's Showgirls for its bizarre take on sexuality, like Elizabeth's Berkeley orgasm scene where she flopped around like an epileptic on a bender.

Sly Stallone


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Over the weekend, the big news going around was Sly Stallone discussing the possibility of Rocky 7 in an interview with zee Germans.



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Today there’s an article in Slate about the side-by-side headshot comparison of Tom Cruise and Klaus von Stauffenberg which United Artists had released as part of the publicity push for Valkyrie.

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