The Ghost Of Macho Man Randy Savage Is Allegedly Haunting A Florida Wrestling Promotion

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According to this photo, the ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage is back and ready to snap into corporeal Slim Jims.


‘My Uterus Is Buried In The Ground': This Woman Joined Tinder As A Horny Ghost

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"I'm going to redownload Tinder and try to convince every boy that I am a ghost."


Keanu Reeves Recounted To Jimmy Kimmel The Time He Saw A Ghost As A Child


Keanu Reeves answered Jimmy Kimmels' totally random questions and didn't shy away from talking about seeing a ghost as a child.

The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Will Finally Allow Players To Drown Their Sims


'The Sims 4' will add a quick and horrible way for your Sim to die. Yes, it's deliberate.

#Bros Being Bros

An English Man Was Fined For Pretending To Be A Ghost In A Cemetery


While people were mourning the loss of a loved one at a cemetery in England, an idiot already on probation was pretending to be a ghost.


Holy Crap, This Local Pennsylvania News Crew Investigated A Possibly Legitimate Haunted House

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On one hand ghosts are totally fake. On the other hand you couldn't pay us a million dollars to enter this home.

#emma stone

Emma Stone Is Now Dealing With Ghosts And Their Creepy, Milky, Sticky Ectoplasm

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Emma Stone has had experiences with ghosts and she knows because they keep leaving their sticky ectoplasm all over the place.

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For Its 30th Anniversary, A Very Spooky Ranking Of The Ghosts From ‘Ghostbusters’

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The beloved 1984 comedy 'Ghostbusters' turns 30 on Saturday, so here's a very serious look at the terrifying ghosts that were busted.


The Soccer Ghost Is Back And Ready To Mildly Haunt Some Soccer

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The soccer world continues to be haunted by ghosts! Here's a ghost running out onto the field and sorta interrupting a game. GHOSTS Y'ALL.


Watch This Elaborate And Terrifying Paranormal Ghost Prank This Guy Pulls On His Friend

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In this clip, a Prague man stages an elaborate ruse using multiple cameras and friends to terrify the holy living sh*t out of his friend.


Just What Soccer Needed: Spooky Ghosts

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Because everything else has happened during a soccer game, a SPOOKY GHOST appeared during a match last week and caused a panic amongst fans.


Italy Really Wants You To Buy A Piece Of Poveglia, The Most Haunted Island On The Planet

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You could soon own the most haunted place on Earth when Italy auctions off Poveglia. Better hope the Wayans Brothers don't beat you to it!


Watch The First Full Episode Of Hulu’s Hilarious New Ghost Comedy ‘Deadbeat’

Promoted by Deadbeat

'Deadbeat' is a surprising hit, and you can see the first episode right here.


You Can Now Have A Sleepover At The Winchester Haunted House

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One of the creepiest mansions in the country is going to start allowing houseguests... and liquor.


The Kansas State Starting Five Is Now Wesley Iwundu And Four Invisible Dudes

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Kansas State guard Wesley Iwundu has a routine, and he's going to stick with it whether his teammates are there or not. Ghost high-fives all around.


These People are Pretty Chill about Their Haunted House

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Here's something you don't read in a real estate listing every day.

pizza hut

Two Dudes From Long Island Recorded Definitive Proof Of A Ghost In A Pizza Hut Bathroom

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The ‘Ghost Team One’ Trailer Shows Us Yet Another Haunted House Comedy

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If Scary Movie 5 and A Haunted House didn’t provide you with enough ghost movie spoofs for one year – not to mention last year’s Paranormal Blacktivity and next year’s A Haunted House 2 – then you are in luck, because here is the new trailer for Ghost Team One, which looks a lot like someone asked, “What would American Pie have looked like if it had been a horror comedy.


A Woman Got Stuck In A Wall For 7 Hours, And Everyone Thought She Was A Ghost

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Is that a ghost, or a middle-aged Chinese woman stuck in the wall? It's best to check.


Man Sets Up Camera To Film Ghosts, Ends Up Recording His Wife Having Sex With His Underage Son

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Poor guy just wanted to see some ghosts — instead, he saw his wife banging his underage son.

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