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QoTD: Should Rappers Still Be Required To Write Their Own Song Lyrics?


Kanye West's "All Day" has 17 contributors. Does it matter?


Shut Up, Bristol Palin (And Her Ghostwriter)


"You know whose opinion on Obama's gay marriage stance I'd love to hear.


Pity The Poor Ghostwriter Of Kreayshawn’s ‘Gucci Gucci’

As you may have noticed, we go out of our way around these parts to ignore anything and everything concerning that awful Kreayshawn person -- except for when Rick Ross threatens to fart on her -- lest we feel inclined to stab our eardrums with an ice pick, but this was too amusing for me to pass up on the way out of Tuesday's door: "Speak," the guy who ghostwrote Kreayshawn's breakout musical abomination, "Gucci Gucci," is still living the starving artist life while she gets rich.


Note To People Who Fire Their Twitter Ghostwriters: Change Your Password

So there's this guy out there in the universe named Mark Davidson.

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