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“Everything Wrong With ‘Cloverfield'” Doesn’t Go Nearly Far Enough

By | 25 Comments

'Cloverfield' gets the CinemaSins treatment, but they don't go nearly far enough.

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5 Reasons ‘Pacific Rim’ Fails As A Kaiju Movie

By | 79 Comments

Pacific Rim is an alright movie, it's just not a great giant monster movie...


Godzilla GIFs Are Here To Trash Your Tuesday

By | 6 Comments

Having a bad Tuesday? Bask in the reflected glory of urban destruction with these Godzilla GIFs.

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So We Officially Have Video Of The Giant Squid In Its Natural Habitat

By | 26 Comments

We've never had video of a live, giant squid before. But apparently 400 hours spent at crushing depths finally paid off.

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‘Pacific Rim’ Reveals A Whole Bunch Of Giant Robots

By | 28 Comments

'Pacific Rim' is basically a $200 million Godzilla movie, and we can't wait.

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