A Chinese Man Trumps Your Marriage Proposal By Building A Giant Transformer Replica For His Girlfriend

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If you thought your marriage proposal was special, a man from China takes it to the next level by constructing a robot to win his lady love.


Man Turns Nissan Truck Into A (Significantly More Awesome) Battle-Mech

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Everyone else who owns Nissan trucks better get to work on their own mechs now...


New Pacific Rim trailer: A Robot Beats Godzilla to Death with a Battleship

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Guillermo Del Toro premiered a new full-length trailer for Pacific Rim at WonderCon recently, and now it's available online, where you can watch it without delousing your neckbeard afterwards.


TRAILER: ‘Pacific Rim’ is Robot Jox vs. Godzilla, apparently

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I've mostly been bored with Guillermo Del Toro's post-Pan's Labyrinth output, and the guy makes like 12 movies a year so it can be hard to keep up (he has EIGHTEEN in development credits on IMDB).

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