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Here’s Your Obligatory Purple Wedding Vs. Red Wedding ‘Game Of Thrones’ GIF Wall


Once again the day after a momentous television event a Tumblr GIF wizard has come to the rescue.


And Now For The Most Internet-Friendly Parents At The 2012 Olympics

Last night during the women's gymnastics segment I was allowed to take a pleasant break from complaining about how alarmingly helpful colored shapes are to appreciate USA gymnast Aly Raisman’s awkward Olympic parents watch her performance.


If 'The Avengers' Were More Like 'Friends': The GIF Wall


Expanding on the idea from another Tumblogger, TreadStoned created this good times GIF wall portraying the cast of Avengers if the movie had more of a "So no one told you avenging was going to be this way..." feel to it.

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The Ambiguous Tobias Fünke GIF Wall


Fresh off the reaffirming news that the Arrested Development ten episode season and a movie are still a go for 2013, it seems only fitting that I stumbled across this Tobias Fünke GIF wall from Geronimo this morning that highlights the best ambiguous one-liners from the world's leading analrapist.

#arrested development

The Buster Bluth ‘Hey Brother’ GIF Wall Just Made Your Day Out Of Nowhere

I often contend that the internet -- much like everyday people -- is regularly in desperate need of certain things, only doesn't realize it.

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