This GIF Perfectly Sums Up Johnny Manziel’s First Career Start In The NFL

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Johnny Manziel is confused, bewildered and befuddled as his Browns lose 30-0.


Can Someone Please Use This Onside Kick In The NFL?

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Someone needs to try this onside kick ASAP.


This Russell Wilson Scramble And Toss For A First Down Was Completely Insane

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Russell Wilson capped off an incredible Monday Night performance with this ridiculous scramble.


This Is What It Looks Like When You Think A Baseball Is Going To Hit You In The Face

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A flyball off the bat of the Tigers Torii Hunter caught Pirates outfielder Gregory Polanco off-guard.

surrender to the inevitable

What’s A GFY And Why Will It Replace My Beloved GIFs?

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No, a GFY is not a crude acronym, it's a replacement for the GIF. Here's what you need to know.


Obama’s Former Campaign Tech Team Weighed In On The Great GIF Debate

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At the Webby Awards ceremony last night, President Obama's former campaign CTO Harper Reed and others weighed in on the great GIF pronunciation debate.

The Webby Awards

“GIF” Inventor Steve Wilhite: It’s Pronounced “JIF” Not “GIF”

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The Internet uses GIFs for many different things: <a href="">posts</a> and <a href="">recaps</a>, expressing emotion and/or <a href="">adding a little bit of humor</a> within the comments section.


Blake Griffin Got Punched In The Dick And Made The Best Joke About It

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Oklahoma City Thunder forward Serge Ibaka has some anger issues.


It's The Dancing Chandler Meets Spinning Lana Del Rey Meets Gangnam Style Britney GIF The World Needed

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I think this was created on Tumblr, although it might have been immaculate GIF conception.

quentin tarantino


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I had this picture open in my tabs, saving it for a Tarantino-related post, but I'd forget it was there and be visually assaulted by it anew every time I accidentally clicked on it.



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This is one of the more impressive photoshops I've ever seen.

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