Here Are The GIFs From This Week’s ‘The Leftovers’

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GIFs from 'The Leftovers' episode "Penguin One, Us Zero"


Here’s The Ronda Rousey Vs. Alexis Davis Fight In One GIF, Because It Fits

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Ronda Rousey beat Alexis Davis so fast at UFC 175 that the entire fight can fit into a GIF. See you never, Alexis.


Let’s Celebrate All The Times Olivia Munn Has Won The Internet

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Today we celebrate Olivia Munn's greatest achievements, and that time she ate a hot dog dangling from a string.

#aubrey plaza

Celebrate Aubrey Plaza’s 30th Birthday With All The Weird Ways She Keeps Winning The Internet

By | 37 Comments

It's Aubrey Plaza's birthday, which means things are about to get adorably strange.


Let’s Revisit The Luigi Death Stare Meme For More GIFs And A ‘Kids React’ Video

By | 5 Comments

We're checking in on the Luigi Death Stare meme because there are some new ones and The Fine Brothers have just made a "kids react" video.


‘Orphan Black’ Season Finale Recap: Surrender, Sharpness, And Surprises

By | 14 Comments

A GIF filled recap of the 'Orphan Black' season two finale "By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried"


All The Deadly GIFs From The ‘Fargo’ Season Finale

By | 69 Comments

The most deadly GIFs from the 'Fargo season finale.

#game of thrones

All The GIFs From The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 4 Finale

By | 217 Comments

All the GIFs you could ask for from the packed Game Of Thrones season four finale, "The Children."


Meet The Nice Lady Who Gave ‘Sensuous’ Dolphin Handjobs During A NASA Study

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A NASA experiment to teach dolphins language taught at least one dolphin the language of love. Meaning "dolphin handjobs".


Things Weren’t All Aces On This Week’s ‘Fargo’

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GIFs from the Fargo episode "A Fox, a Rabbit, and a Cabbage"


Donna’s Greatest Reactions On ‘Suits’

Promoted by USA Network

We love Donna, and we love her reactions even more. Here's why, in GIF form.


Highlights From This Week’s Very Special Episode Of ‘Louie’

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GIFs from the extended 'Louie' episode "In The Woods"

#game of thrones

All The Badass GIFs From This Week’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Battle At The Wall

By | 179 Comments

Well, tonight's Game Of Thrones certainly delivered. Let's take a look back at some GIFs.


‘Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel’ Moonwalks To A Release Date, Drops A New Trailer

By | 5 Comments

'Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!' now has a date for all the moon-based carnage, along with a new trailer.


Celebrate Angelina Jolie’s Birthday With This Collection Of GIFs That Scare And Excite

By | 9 Comments

Whenever I look at a picture of Angelina Jolie or watch one of her movies, I'm scared.

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