‘There Are Worse Movies Than Gigli,’ Jennifer Lopez Lies To Seth Meyers

By | 4 Comments

Lopez, who admits many of her films 'suck,' insists that 'Gigli' is not the worst.


The ‘Are You Kidding Me?’ Supercut Will Leave You In Absolute Disbelief

By | 10 Comments

The latest Screen Junkies supercut takes on the very commonly used phrase: 'Are you kidding me?'


For His 72nd Birthday, A Look Back At Roger Ebert’s Best Bad Movie Reviews

By | 66 Comments

Roger Ebert may be gone, but his reviews of terrible movies will remain with us for the rest of time.


This Seems Legit: Conan Drops An Exclusive First Look At Ben Affleck’s Batman


Conan O'Brien brought us a totally-real first look at Ben Affleck as Batman. Hmmm, needs more "Baby Got Back".

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