Adrian Neville’s Getting A New Gimmick On The Main Roster And Oh God, It’s Terrible

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Adrian Neville will be on WWE's main roster soon, and the plans for his character will make you wish NXT'd secede from the union.


Kelsey Grammer Joined Twitter Today And Immediately Started Correcting Grammar

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Actor Kelsey Grammer logged into Twitter for the first time ever today, and he reminded everyone that his last name sounds like grammar.

Transformers 4

‘Transformers 4′ Will Be Casting Some Roles Via Reality Show

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'Transformers 4' casting with a reality show? Eh, why not, it's not like the cast ever mattered in these things.


Want To Run Pizza Hut’s Twitter? You’ve Got 140 Seconds To Make Your Pitch

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Pizza Hut has a social media job available, but you'd better have a motor mouth to get it.


Marvel Is Putting Augmented Reality Into Your Comics

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Hey, remember last year, when DC decided to go day-and-date digital, and wound up largely sucking back in former DC readers who just couldn't get to a comics shop anymore.

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