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This Guy Learned The Hard Way That Girl Scouts Are Like A Tiny Green Mafia

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Here's a nice story of how some poor sucker got roped into buying twenty boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.

girl scout cookies

You Don’t Even Have To Get Off Your Couch To Buy Girl Scout Cookies Now


The Girl Scouts are invading the digital world, as they'll soon be launching web pages to make buying cookies even easier.

girl scouts

Here’s The Wild Story Of A Man Who Allegedly Tried To ‘Cookiejack’ Some Girl Scouts

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Listen, I don't get worked up about too many things but dammit, YOU DO NOT STEAL COOKIES FROM GIRL SCOUTS.


Convicted Sex Offenders Are Heading To Craigslist To Buy Girl Scout Cookies

By | 3 Comments

Even society's worst monsters can't resist the siren call of the Thin Mint.


Breaking Badge (‘Breaking Bad’ Girl Scout Cookies Parody)


A 'Breaking Bad' parody centered around the only thing more addicting than meth: Girl Scout Cookies.


All You Need To Know About The Honey Boo Boo Girl Scout Cookie Controversy

By | 16 Comments

Honey Boo Boo is fighting with the Girl Scouts of America. This is so stupid. This is so, so stupid.


Really Awful Girls Sip Starbucks Frappuchinos While Explaining Why They Stole Girl Scout Cookie Money

By | 15 Comments

When I initially watched the video below, I was absolutely convinced it was fake -- maybe some sort of misguided attempt at viral marketing by Starbucks, or, conversely, a genius bit of viral marketing by a Starbucks competitor.

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