Join Team Venture With Our ‘Venture Bros.’ Season 5 Prize Pack Giveaway

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'The Venture Bros.' brings Season 5 to home video in March... but you can get it early, if you're quick.


LinkedIn CEO Pulls An Oprah, Gives All His Employees iPad Minis

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All of LinkedIn's full time employees get a free iPad Mini. We're guessing Monster employees get a free tablet from the drugstore.


‘Workaholics’ Halloween Costume Ideas And Caption Contest Winners

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To close out <a href="" target="_blank">Workaholics Week</a> here are some of my favorite <a href="" target="_blank">Workaholics-themed Halloween costume ideas</a> in case you just realized you've got a Halloween party to get to this weekend and your <a href="" target="_blank">donkey humper costume</a> is starting to feel a bit played.


‘Workaholics’ Caption Contest: We’d Like To Give You Guys T-Shirts And Season One DVDs!

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Hey everyone, as part of <a href="" target="_blank">Workaholics Week</a> we'd like to give you guys free Workaholics swag for being the cleverest of our audience of super clever people.

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Gamma Squad Giveaway: Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Pen

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Whether you're fighting off Daleks or taking notes in your temporal physics class you're going to need an awesome pen that doubles as a sonic screwdriver.

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We’d Like To Give You Guys Prizes For Trying Out Our New Commenting System!

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As <a href="">we told y'all at the end of the day on Friday</a>, UPROXX rolled out a new commenting system over the weekend, both here and across the network.


GammaSquad Giveaway: Cowboys And Aliens Swag (Plus a Clip)

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UPDATE: Comment #5 (That's you, essequemodeia) won.


John Cassavetes is obsessed with sperm

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This weekend, two of my favorite entities, The video here is their idea of a trailer for the event.


GammaSquad Giveaway: Three Winners Get Hipster Puppies

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UPDATE: The winners are BeerMaker, Oski, and James.


GammaSquad Giveaway: Stay Puft Caffeinated Marshmallows

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UPDATE: Comment #55 (Balls of Steel) is the winner.


Do you like free shirts? WELL IT MUSHT BE YOUR LUCKY DAY!

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I try not to tell you what to do around here too much, but one piece of advice I think you'll find helpful is that you should always try to cover your fleshy torso with fabric (DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO).


GammaSquad Giveaway: Win Five Simpsons Kidrobot Collectibles

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Matt Groening and Kidrobot have teamed up again for a which figure you've got until you open the box and scream.



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