Here’s Dolly Parton Playing The ‘Benny Hill’ Theme On A Tiny Rhinestone-Covered Saxophone

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Dolly Parton showed up at the Glastonbury Festival and played The 'Benny Hill' theme on a tiny saxophone.

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Metallica Responded To Their Many Haters By Selling This ‘Sh*te’ T-Shirt

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A lot of people apparently haven't forgiven Metallica for "St. Anger."

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Vampire Weekend, Mumford & Sons, And Buddies Team Up To Perform 'With A Little Help From My Friends'


Listen to Vampire Weekend, Mumford and Sons, and Co. close out Glastonbury with "With a Little Help from My Friends."


A Punk Rock Baby Went Crowdsurfing At Glastonbury Over The Weekend


The baby that went crowd surfing during Glastonbury is more punk than you.

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Watch Dave Grohl Perform 'Under Pressure' With Chevy Metal

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Dave Grohl joined a Foo Fighters side project to perform "Under Pressure."

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Jay-z – “American Boy” Freestyle

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The <a href="http://videos.onsmash.com/v/aVaGv8NwDeJ1V6R3">video clip</a> of this has been floating around so here's the audio for those of you who need it for your headphones.

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