Ryan Murphy Is Developing ‘Scream Queens,’ A Horror-Comedy Anthology Series For Fox

By | 11 Comments

Ryan Murphy is going to be showrunning yet *another* series next fall, this one a horror-comedy for Fox.


A Very Educational And Inspirational Ranking Of Our Favorite TV Teachers

By | 25 Comments

Celebrate World Teachers' Day with this very scientific ranking of the TV teachers who made going to class seem way more fun.


These Planned-But-Scrapped Storylines Would Have Completely Changed The Course Of 12 TV Shows

By | 53 Comments

Here's 12 roads considered, but not traveled, that would have completely altered the course of their respective TV series.


Lea Michele Is Also Going To Be On ‘Sons Of Anarchy’

By | 22 Comments

The "Sons of Anarchy" guest star roulette wheel landed on Lea Michele.

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UPROXX 20: Lauren Potter Of ‘Glee’ Is Not A Big Fan Of Diet Coke

By | 11 Comments

Lauren Potter from Glee was nice enough to take a few minutes out of her busy schedule recently to answer a few questions from us.


Naya Rivera Of ‘Glee’ Responds To Diva Rumors With…Bikini Photos?

By | 17 Comments

Naya Rivera is pissing everyone off, including her "Glee" castmates and Big Sean.


A British Night Club Owner Might Have Just Gotten ‘Glee’ Banned In The United Kingdom

By | 10 Comments

Thanks to a High Court ruling earlier today, "Glee" might be banned from the United Kingdom effective immediately.

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Midseason Shake-Up: Fox Puts ‘The Mindy Project’ And ‘Dads’ On Hiatus

By | 23 Comments

Low ratings for 'The Mindy Project' and 'Dads,' means a schedule changes on Tuesdays for Fox.


Which Beatles Songs Did 'Glee' Butcher The Most?

By | 24 Comments

...and "Glee" proves that yes, you can make the Beatles impossible to listen to.


Watch Jane Lynch’s Sincere Emmy Tribute To Cory Monteith

By | 11 Comments

"Glee" star Jane Lynch gave tribute at last night's Emmy Awards to her late co-star Cory Monteith, who died earlier this year at just 31.

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The Emmys Giving Cory Monteith His Own Special Tribute Is A Terrible Idea

By | 27 Comments

The Emmys are discussing devoting an entire tribute section to "Glee" star Cory Monteith, which is a terrible idea.


How 10 TV Shows Dealt With The Death Of Their Actors

By | 55 Comments

How "Glee" might continue on without Cory Monteith, and 10 other TV shows that were forced to write an actor's death into the scripts.


Cory Monteith Of ‘Glee’ Has Died

By | 35 Comments

Cory Monteith, the 31 year-old actor who played Finn Hudson on Glee, was found dead on Saturday in a Canadian hotel room.


The ‘Glee’ School Shooting Episode Was Somehow Worse Than We Feared It Would Be

By | 45 Comments

Was the school shooting episode of "Glee" as awful as we feared? No, it was worse.


HBO Picks Up ‘Open,’ A ‘Provocative’ New Pilot From ‘Glee’s’ Ryan Murphy

By | 9 Comments

HBO announced last night that they had picked up "Open," a "provocative" new pilot from "Glee's" Ryan Murphy.


Oh No, ‘Glee’ Is Doing A School Shooting Episode

By | 58 Comments

Because Ryan Murphy is the worst, "Glee" is doing an episode about a school shooting.


Jonathan Coulton ‘Covers’ The Song ‘Glee’ Stole From Him, Puts It On iTunes For Charity

By | 9 Comments

Jonathan Coulton hits back at Fox's uncredited use of his "Baby Got Back" cover in a way that hits Fox's lawyers the hardest. Turnabout is fair play.

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