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A Pro Wrestling Company Based On Fox News Is Happening And Needs Awful, Awful Writers

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A guy on Craiglist wants to start a wrestling promotion based on political characters, conspiracy theories and storylines. Also, EVIL JEWS.


Glenn Beck Hated ‘Noah,’ Which He Calls ‘Babylonian Chainsaw Massacre’

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The guy who converted to Mormonism mocked 'Noah' for its lack of believability.


Glenn Beck Interviewed Google’s Eric Schmidt. Hilarity Ensued.


Google's chairman did not come off well in an interview with Glenn Beck, of all people. Yeah, we're surprised too.


Will Glenn Beck Alienate Most Of His Audience By Taking A Rock-Hard Pro-Gay Stance? Yeah, Probably.

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Glenn Beck: "Anybody within the sound of my voice that hates a gay person because they're gay, you have no place calling yourself a fan of mine. You have no place in this country."


Glenn Beck Brandished A Rifle During An Interview With Bill O’Reilly Last Night

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Glenn Beck is still out there doing Glenn Beck things, you guys. Here he is on Bill O'Reilly's show last night.


Glenn Beck’s Response To Geraldo’s Selfie Was… Funny?

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In response to Geraldo's semi-nude selfie Tweet, Glenn Beck Tweeted a selfie that his followers thought was pretty hilarious.


The 2013 NRA Convention Served Up A Heaping Helping Of Nuttery For Jon Stewart To Play With Last Night

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In case you hadn't heard, the NRA held its annual gun nut convention for 2013 in Houston over the weekend. Cue the hilarious Jon Stewart takedown.

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The History Channel’s Version Of Satan Sure Looks A Lot Like Obama

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Satan on "The Bible" looks exactly like Obama. DANG HOLLYWOOD LIBERALS!!!


WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 2/25/13: Oh God, They Invited Glenn Beck

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Tonight, on the WWE Raw open discussion thread: The WWE Universe has itself a new WWE Championship, but the big question now is: Who will challenge for the fresh-faced prize at WrestleMania 29.


Colbert Skewered Gun Nuts On His Show And Glenn Beck’s Website Doesn’t Seem To Realize It Was Satire

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Stephen Colbert devoted his entire show last night to "a thoughtful, sensitive conversation about guns." Glenn Beck's website wasn't in on the joke.


eBay Boots Jar Containing Obama Statue Marinating In Glenn Beck’s Piss Off Of Site

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Glenn Beck tried to auction off a jar of his own piss with a mini-statue of Obama inside. But then eBay pulled the plug on it.


Glenn Beck Is Peddling Jeans Now

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Do you think God or Jesus or the Founding Fathers would get caught dead wearing any of the jeans in your closet, jeans designed by gays and made in communist countries? Oh hell no! Enter: Glenn Beck.

#Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Nickelodeon calls promoting Jason Biggs’ Twitter account ‘A mistake.’

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Bear with me, folks, this one requires a journey deep down the rabbit hole.


Glenn Beck Wants to Make the Anti-'Glee,' Knows a Rapper

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Do you ever find yourself sitting around saying "Boy I sure love 'Glee' but I really hate all these stories about sexy teens doing exciting sexy teenage stuff like hooking up with each other and partying.


Keith Olbermann is an Insufferable, Arrogant and Useless Chandelier

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News broke last Friday, after the shut down of the Warming Glow presses, that Keith Olbermann had been fired from his position at Current TV, a network that no one has ever watched.


Glenn Beck Blames Michelle Obama For Blatino Spider-Man. LOL Wut?

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Yesterday the So what did Glenn Beck actually say about Spider-Man when he wasn't busy equating murdered Norwegian children with the Hitler Youth.

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7.1 The Cooler

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Keani Cochelle Glenn Beck Says Goodbye To Fox News [PopEater] The Other Chick: 10 Hot Overshadowed Girl Group Members [Complex] Hodgy Beats x RESPECT.


So Long, Glenn Beck

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Glenn Beck announced his impending departure from Fox News in April, and tonight the clown prince of illogical fear-mongering will air his final show.


Would You Pay $5-$10 To Watch Glenn Beck On The Internet?

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The New York Times' Brian Stelter -- he who was recently saved from potential Twitter humiliation by an exceedingly pretty and kind young lady -- reported today on how Glenn Beck, whose contract with Fox News expires later in the year, plans on reaching his audience in the future: He's going to be, despite what you may think of him, a bit of a ground-breaker and put his show and other properties on the web behind a paywall.


Jon Stewart’s Farewell to Glenn Beck

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On last night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart addressed the end of Glenn Beck's show with his own extended impression of Beck.

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