John Oliver Sh*t All Over GM Last Night, And Then He Set The Stinking Mess On Fire For Good Measure

By | 27 Comments

GM has shown itself to be something of an incompetent, evil company of late. John Oliver is not happy.


Got A Hunger For Some Dunkin Donuts In Your Car? GM Wants An App For That


If you’re the kind of person who loves to grab a donut and cup of coffee in the morning but hates running into sociopathic, racist women bent on destroying every remaining shred of humanity as we know it, General Motors is working on an automobile app system just for you.


Jim Hendry Leaves At The Top Of His Game

By | 6 Comments

Chicago Cubs fans didn't like Jim Hendry as their vice president or general manager.


Why Is Volkswagen In The Mood For Italian?

By | 21 Comments

Giant '80s car phone and mustache comb not included Assuming you’re like the majority of my friends and family, you owe me money don’t pay much attention to the auto industry.

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