No Father’s Day Is Complete Without This Maury Povich Show Dance Compilation

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Celebrate fathers everywhere with this hilarious dance compilation that features men overreacting with joy to paternity tests on 'Maury.'


Behold, Peter Caine: The Internet’s Angriest Dog Trainer

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Peter Caine is not afraid to tell you what what he thinks about you, you lowlife piece of sh*t.


Forget Craigslist, This Guy’s YouTube Ad For His Used Volvo Is Spectacular

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A man in Sweden created a YouTube video for his used Volvo that he's trying to sell, and he should have no problem once it goes viral.


Here Are The Characters From ‘Frozen’ Performing Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’

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For no reason other than it exists, here is a very wonderful video of some of the 'Frozen' characters singing and dancing to 'Thriller.'

the fat jew

Watch A Recreation Of The Battle Scene From ‘Braveheart’…Starring Two Hookers

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Perhaps inspired by a good old fashioned late-night, self-hate movie marathon binge, the man known as Fat Jew, a.

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