Paul Heyman Called Out God In His ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video

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Paul Heyman kinda-sorta completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and called out a rabbi, a model and God himself. This is not a joke setup.

val kilmer

Got $1000? Val Kilmer Will Sell You A Sheet Of Metal With ‘GOD’ Painted On It

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If you have a thousand dollars, you can buy a metal God painting by Val Kilmer.


‘Fight Church’ Reveals The World Of Pastors Who Use MMA To Spread The Word Of God

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Faith-based MMA is apparently on the rise according to the new trailer for the documentary 'Fight Church,' which reveals pastors who fight.


Pat Robertson Blames Pornography For Opening Our Doors To Demons

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When asked if watching a horror movie caused a woman to get in a car accident, Pat Robertson claimed that demon possessions are caused by watching porn.


Science Backs Up Matthew McConaughey's Oscar Acceptance Speech

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Rusty Cohle doesn't speak no lies, no sir, his words are backed by SCIENCE.


Prophet David E Taylor Predicated Super Bowl XLVIII Using Dreams. Really, Really Badly.

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Prophet and minister David E Taylor used the power of God and his messages through dreams to predict a Denver Broncos Super Bowl win. Whoops!


Tyrese Is Getting Over The Death Of Paul Walker With Some Emails From God

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Tyrese told Arsenio Hall that he's getting over the death of Paul Walker with the help of some emails from God that told him to go to Dubai.


Frotcast 175: Lists with Laremy, 12 Years a Slave, Ja Rule’s Church Movie

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Listen on the player above, or download this week's episode as an mp3 here (right-click, "save as") This week on the Frotcast, we bring on our old pal, RottenTomatoes TOP CRITIC Laremy Legel of Film.


Ja Rule’s new Christian movie lists “God” as Executive Producer

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I only found out about Jeff "Ja Rule" Atkins' new movie I'm in Love with a Church Girl yesterday, (along with the fact that Ja Rule's name is "Jeff Atkins"), and I'm still climbing down the rabbit hole.

stupid arguments

An Atheist Was Murdered By His Religious Friend After They Snorted Coke, Argued About God

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Douglas Yim killed his non-God-fearing friend after they got into an argument.

#Kanye West

Kanye Shares Insight On Meaning Of “I Am A God”

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Social media practically imploded when Yeezus' tracklisting was revealed, thanks in large part to "I Am a God.

#Kanye West

Listen To That One Highly Anticipated Kanye Song Featuring God

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A few days ahead of the great American Rap album showdown of 2013, Kanye’s Yeezus has (finally) fallen from the heavens.


Vintage Promos: The Antichrist Is Real, And He’s A Mexican Pro Wrestler

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Vintage Promos is a series looking back at the best, worst and most memorable pro wrestling interviews of all time.


The Next Kanye West Album Might Be Called ‘I Am God’

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Kanye West is apparently thinking about calling his sixth solo album, "I Am God."


Ray Lewis Talks to Jesus and God


Ray Lewis negotiates how much of a heavenly push the Ravens are going to get in the Super Bowl.


God’s Embarrassing Diary


God isn't exactly proud of the stuff he put on paper during his younger days.


The Masters Putt Putt Course: Tiger Woods Used To Be Good At This, Too


I don't know, that shot to the twisty lighthouse looks fake.


‘Clearly, God Favors The Giants': A Super Bowl XLVI Recap From The Only News Team That Matters


I don't want to spoil too many of Next Media Animation's insane, theological recap of Super Bowl XLVI, so check out the video after the jump.


What’s On Tonight: Tim Allen and God (or Are They One and the Same?)

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Inside Story: Santa Clause (BIO) – Ever wonder how/why Tim Allen’s The Santa Clause was made 17 years ago.

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