The Mayor Of Seattle Pardoned A ‘Tofurky’ For Thanksgiving, Of Course

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Can you think of anything more 'Seattle' than their mayor pardoning a meatless turkey for Thanksgiving? We can't!

#Cover Songs

Ryan Adams Can Sing The Hell Out Of Foreigner’s ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’

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On a recent visit to NPR's World Café, Ryan Adams played a pretty awesome cover of the 1984 Foreigner hit, 'I Want To Know What Love Is.'


Tufts University Is Offering A New Course Called ‘Demystifying The Hipster’

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A Tufts University course that lets students determine what makes us hipsters? Whatever.


This Sweet Bonnaroo Proposal Will Make You Temporarily Forget How Annoying Hipsters Are

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A hipster proposed to his hipster girlfriend at Bonnaroo and we reluctantly agree that, OK, this was pretty sweet.


Brooklyn Now Has Rival Street Artists Decorating Dog Turds. Yes, Really.

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Two Brooklyn street artists are engaged in a turf war of sorts over who can decorate dog poops the best.


All Hail Cat Bike Guy, King Of The Hipsters

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As a resident of Austin, TX, I don't like to throw shade at hipsters.


‘Indie Basketball’ Combines Our Love Of The NBA, Indie Music And Puns

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People send and Tweet a lot of links to me each week and the results range from tame and general to bizarre and borderline terrifying, but every now and then somebody shows me something that just makes me giggle with delight, and that’s good for everyone.


This Week In Original Etsy Sports Merchandise – 2012 Summer Olympics Edition

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Earlier this week, I scoured the Internet to put together my official 2012 Summer Olympics Team USA viewing gear so I could properly cheer on my nation’s best athletes from the comfort of my favorite bars.


How Do You Say Goodbye To A Legend? By Writing An Emo Song About Ichiro

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The New York Yankees bounced back from their humiliating 4-game sweep at the hands of the Oakland Athletics over the weekend by not only beating the Seattle Mariners 4-1 on the field, but also by crushing the spirit of the entire city.


The Chap Olympiad Put The Olympics To Shame

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For as much as we tend to bag on hipsters – despite probably qualifying for entry-level hipster status – I have a great deal of respect for those valiant promoters of vintage, because they produce some events that are just delightfully random.


Just What The Olympics Needs – Quidditch

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For those who haven’t heard, quidditch is an imaginary sport that was created by author J.


Hey, Remember That Brooklyn Cyclones Hipster Night?

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Back in May, we told you about the Brooklyn Cyclones’ incredible plan to celebrate America’s independence, by honoring the people who care the least about everything – hipsters.


Hipster Night At The Ballpark? Whatever

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One of the first things that I plan to do whenever I eventually visit New York City for the first time ever is get 200 lap dances in a row at Rick's Cabaret.

why god why?

The Best Of The 2012 Old Timey Coney Island Strong Man Spectacular

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If I had to define and specifically choose one dream job for myself for the next 365 days of my life, I’d want to travel around the country, attending the most bizarre and ridiculous competitions.


Morning Links: Hooray, This Stupid Thing Can Finally Do Its Job


Thanks, Omar Infante, now that guy going the long way around to get a hot dog is soaking wet.


Hipster Elitist Ruins British Boat Race Because He Hates Elitists

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Ever since that whole “Occupy” thing started way back when, I was always curious as to why there weren’t more protesters at sporting events, railing against those millionaire athletes and billionaire owners for having all that success and money and not giving it away for free.

#Iron Man

Finally, Artistic Peeing Is An Actual Contest


We don’t often get to talk about art around these parts, and that’s a shame, because I like to fancy myself one classy son of a female dog.


Look At These F*#$&@% Hipsters: The 2012 World Naked Bike Ride

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Over the weekend, while we were busy with more important things like Tiger Woods’ knee, Peyton Manning’s jet and Dwight Howard’s flip flops, people were gathering in major cities across the globe to help preserve a better future for our billionaire athletes and us to live in.


Morning Links: A Penny For Your Thoughts, A Five To Keep It Live


I tell people that "God" by John Lennon is my favorite song, but it's really this.

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