Bryan Cranston Thought Godzilla Was A Bullying Diva Who Was Difficult To Work With

By | 7 Comments

Bryan Cranston discusses his very difficult working relationship with Godzilla.


The 10 Worst 1990s Movie Soundtracks

By | 105 Comments

Puff Daddy and Jimmy Page's collaboration for the "Godzilla" soundtrack was bad, but was it the worst 1990s movie soundtrack?


Godzilla: A Viewer’s Guide To Every ‘Godzilla’ Movie

By | 30 Comments

There are twenty nine Godzilla movies for your viewing pleasure. Here, we guide you to the good ones, as well as the really, really funny ones.


Honest Trailer For ‘Godzilla’ (1998) Takes That ‘Flatnosed Piece Of Sh*t’ To The Woodshed

By | 7 Comments

The newest Honest Trailer answers the question, "Was the 1998 remake of 'Godzilla' really so bad?" (Spoiler: oh sweet baby kaiju YES.)


Screw You Dragons, ‘Skyrim’ Has Godzilla Now

By | 7 Comments

Wouldn't the 200 hours it takes to get through 'Skyrim' go faster if you knew Godzilla was at the end?


Godzilla Throws His Weight Around In A New Clip

By | 10 Comments

Godzilla proves he's the master of misdirection in this new clip.

is it really that bad?

Is 1998′s ‘Godzilla’ Really That Bad?

By | 79 Comments

1998's Godzilla is widely held as one of the worst movies of the '90s. But is it really that bad?


If Godzilla Could Talk, He’d Like Bryan Cranston As Much As We Do (VIDEO)


ADHD took a break from ruining our childhood memories to instead answer the question, "What if Godzilla could talk?"

Air & Space

How Would The Military Actually Tackle Godzilla In Real Life?

By | 27 Comments

Air & Space Magazine traveled to Okinawa, Japan to ask real Air Force personnel how they would tackle the King of the Monsters.

Bryan Cranston

This Mashup Of ‘Jaws’ And ‘Godzilla’ Will Have You Fleeing To The Center Of The Continent

By | 4 Comments

As if Jaws wasn't terrifying enough, someone synced it with the chilling audio from teh Godzilla trailer.


Watch Bryan Cranston Play A Silly Word Game On ‘Fallon’ And Completely Butcher ‘Badonkadonk’


Bryan Cranston can do a lot of things. Using a word to describe an extremely curvaceous female behind is not one of them.

lizard sex

Godzilla Knocks Over Buildings To Get Laid, According To Science

By | 3 Comments

Godzilla keeps growing because that's what gets him laid, bro. At least that's what a biologist believes.


Bryan Cranston Brings The Danger In Five New Clips From ‘Godzilla’

By | 7 Comments

Following up on last week's clip from 'Godzilla' comes five more clips, which we can sum up by saying: HOLY SH*T, BRYAN CRANSTON.


Japanese Fans Have Spoken And They Think The New Godzilla Is Too Fat

By | 24 Comments

The fans in Japan have seen the new version of Godzilla and they don't hold back on the judgment.


The Most And Least Anticipated Movies Of Summer 2014: Part 1

By and | 69 Comments

X-Men, Spider-man 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, Transformers 4 - we sift through Summer 2014's movie offerings and tell you what's what.


New ‘Godzilla’ International Trailer Shows Off The Other Mutos, Lets Them Fight

By | 20 Comments

The new 'Godzilla' trailer provides even more footage of the titular monster and other "Mutos", and we have two featurettes and as well.


The Japanese Trailer For ‘Godzilla’ Has Something Of A Foot Fetish

By | 13 Comments

The Japanese get a good look at Godzilla's feet in this international trailer.

Bryan Cranston

Get The Best Look Yet At The Beast Within This Brand New ‘Godzilla’ TV Spot

By | 18 Comments

Time is ticking until 'Godzilla' enters theaters, so why not get to know the beast up close and personal.


‘Godzilla’ Extended Look Gives Us A Better Glimpse At The Titular Beast

By | 17 Comments

Legendary Pictures just released an extended look at 'Godzilla' (2014). We should have listened to Bryan Cranston.

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