How Did Steph Curry Make This Ridiculous No-Look Pass?

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Steph Curry gave us basketball porn last night.


Watch Steph Curry Throw Half Court Alley-Oop Off A Touch Pass

By | 15 Comments

Stephen Curry makes an incredible half court alley-oop pass.


5 Quick Facts On Klay Thompson’s Lights-Out Third Quarter Last Night

By | 29 Comments

Golden State's Klay Thompson's red-hot third quarter shooting was one for the record books.

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Watch Golden State’s Klay Thompson Drop An Unthinkable, Ridiculous 37 Points In One Quarter

By | 7 Comments

Klay Thompson is a mutant, a superhero capable of scoring 37 points in one quarter.

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Did the Hornets’ Lance Stephenson Flop After Slapping Himself In The Face?

By | 3 Comments

This latest bizarre incident involving Lance Stephenson has to be seen to be believed.


Hulk Hogan Did His Hulk Hogan Thing At A Golden State Warriors Game

By | 5 Comments

Legendary WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan hosted a Golden State Warriors game and ran their Twitter to help promote WrestleMania 31. Brother.


Marv Albert Is Probably To Blame For Steve Kerr Saying, ‘No Thanks’ To The Knicks

By | 7 Comments

Marv Albert admitted that he told his former TNT partner Steve Kerr that working for James Dolan and the Knicks isn't exactly a pleasure.


Welp, Mark Jackson’s Calendar Just Opened Up

By | 46 Comments

Jackson's got no responsibilities.


Meet Rebecca Grant, The Woman Becoming Famous For Grabbing Her Boobs At A Clippers Game

By | 15 Comments

Rebecca Grant is becoming the 'new Katherine Webb' after she was caught fixing her breasts on camera during a Clippers game.


NBA Playoffs Open Thread: Saturday’s Game Sevens

By | 82 Comments

Bow your heads and thank Based God for these elimination games, folks.


The Warriors Were Going To Boycott Game 5 Until Adam Silver Banned Donald Sterling

By | 12 Comments

Had NBA Commish Adam Silver not banned Donald Sterling for life today, Warriors players claim they would have walked off the court.

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