This Little Girl Going Crazy For The Warriors Reminds Us All How To Be A Fan

It's nice to be reminded what sports are all about.

Harrison Barnes

After Two Defensive Lapses, Harrison Barnes Sinks The Game-Winner Over The Suns

Harrison Barnes made up for falling asleep on the two defensive possessions where Phoenix scored in the final 30 seconds by hitting the game-winning floater in the lane with 0.4 seconds left.

Mark Jackson

Shocking! Former Warriors Coach Mark Jackson Chooses James Harden Over Steph Curry For MVP

The only thing more surprising than a player other than Harden or Curry hoisting the Maurice Podoloff Trophy next month, though, would have been Jackson naming the latter as his choice – just more indication of his bitter and childish reaction to being fired with reasonable cause.

#Stephen Curry

MVP Moment? Steph Curry Shakes Chris Paul To The Floor With Double Behind-The-Back Dribble

hris Paul can stick with anybody off the dribble. Well, anybody but Steph Curry, that is.


Doc Rivers And Steve Kerr Throw Fuel On Rivalry Fire Before Clippers Meet Warriors

Draymond Green might not be suffering from "Blake-itis," but the Defensive Player of the Year candidate still isn't playing in tonight's marquee matchup between the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs.


Sarcastic Steve Kerr: ‘I Would Vote For Russell Westbrook’ As MVP


Steve Kerr is as affable as he is effective. And considering the first-year coach has guided the Golden State Warriors to the league's best record, the 49 year-old must be pretty damn genial.

Los Angeles Clippers

Draymond Green Is Selling ‘Cool Story, Glenn’ Shirts, Further Boosting His Beef With Doc Rivers

Oh man, we really hope this amps up Tuesday's Warriors-Clippers game even more.

Mark Jackson

The Warriors’ Owner And Jason Collins Don’t Need Your ‘Prayers,’ Mark Jackson


Mark Jackson is still salty about being fired from the Golden State Warriors, and he let his congregation know about it.

Rick Barry

Rick Barry Calls Out LeBron’s Teammates & Steph Curry During ’75 Title Anniversary


Rick Barry was a cranky old man in the 1970s. Now he's actually an old man and just as cranky.

#Stephen Curry

Unreal: Steph Curry Trips But Still Flips Up This Miraculous Layup

It's the norm for him, but we never get tired of watching these trick shots fall

#Stephen Curry

If Stephen Curry Couldn’t Vote For Himself — Or Klay — For MVP, He’d ‘Probably Vote For LeBron’

Stephen Curry would probably vote himself as MVP, or teammate, Klay Thompson. But if he couldn't vote that way, he'd take LeBron James.

#Stephen Curry

Watch Stephen Curry Serve Up Another Behind-The-Back Dime With His Off Hand

The Dubs had 39 dimes on 44 baskets, but Stephen Curry had the best one of the night.

#Stephen Curry

Steph Curry Adjusts His Binoculars For A Better Look At Shaun Livingston’s Dime


If a playmaking wizard like Steph Curry needed binoculars to get a better look at his teammate's dime, the play in question must have been altogether mesmerizing. Instead, Shaun Livingston's no-look, lefty dime to Andre Iguodala was just mighty impressive.

jeremy lin

Jeremy Lin Chases Down Draymond Green In Transition For Soaring Swat

Maybe if Jeremy Lin had played this type of defense all season long, he wouldn't have been relegated to the bench by Byron Scott. Of course, big chase-down blocks aren't exactly commonplace for the Los Angeles Lakers' defense-averse point guard – which is exactly why this one is so, so awesome.

NCAA Tournament

Iowa Was Worried That Steph Curry Still Has Eligibility Remaining At Davidson

Though his college career ended and NBA ascent began years, the University of Iowa wanted to be completely sure Steph Curry wasn't suiting up in Davidson red for the schools' first-round matchup in the NCAA Tournament.


Steve Kerr Emailed Upset Fans After The Warriors Sat Their Starters Friday Night

Kerr continues to impress us in his first year as head coach. He understands the fan's plight, but knows his team needs rest.


Golden State Warriors Pull A Spurs And Rest Basically Their Entire Team

The Golden State Warriors are taking a page from the Spurs and resting basically everyone against the Nuggets


Doc Rivers After Draymond Green Complained About Getting Bumped: ‘I Thought The Guy Was Tough’

Speaking to the L.A. Times Monday, Doc Rivers stoked the growing rivalry between the Clippers and Warriors by mocking Draymond Green.

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