Steve Kerr’s All-Star Strategy: “One Of You Guys Get It, And Like Throw It To One Of The Other Guys, Then You Shoot’

Steve Kerr is a leading candidate for Coach of the Year, so it's not exactly surprising that his Western Conference All-Stars have outplayed their Eastern counterparts. What team could put forth a losing effort with huddle strategy like this?

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson Says ‘I Think I Could Have Beat [Steph]’ In The Three-Point Shootout

Klay Thompson says he'll be back in the three-point shootout next year, and he "thinks he could beat" Stephen Curry. We hope for a rematch.


Andre Iguodala Calls 3-Point King Stephen Curry ‘2nd Best Shooter Ever’ But Klay Thompson Is ‘Number 1 On My List’

Andre Iguodala watched Steph Curry beat Klay Thompson in the 3-Point Shootout, but said "2nd best shooter ever [Steph] with the win … No. 1 on my list, Klay."

Klay Thompson

Steve Kerr Tabs Klay Thompson As All-Star Starter Alongside James Harden

Steve Kerr has tabbed Klay Thompson to start alongside James Harden and Steph Curry in the Western Conference backcourt.


Andrew Bogut Falls Asleep On A Table Of Cash During A Warriors Plane Party


The Warriors were partying on the team plane on Monday night after beating the Sixers, and when Maurice Speights' IG video panned over to Andrew Bogut, he was passed out on a table filled with cash.


Video: Jeff Teague Swats Steph Curry’s Trey, Finishes With Dunk On Other End

If this is how tonight's individual matchup between Jeff Teague and Steph Curry continues to go, it's safe to say the Atlanta Hawks will get the best of the Golden State Warriors.


Watch Steve Kerr Video Bomb SportsCenter In Advance Of ‘Dubs-Hawks

We're so excited for tonight's matchup between the league's two best teams that we've grown something close to nervous.


GIFs: Let’s All Watch Draymond Green “Goon Up” Dirk Nowitzki Last Night

Warriors everyman Draymond Green struggled from beyond the three-point line last night, going 0-for-4 and just 1-of-6 from the field overall.


Video: Stephen Curry Drops 26 In Third Quarter & 51 Overall To Beat Mavs

It's a testament to the Warriors that we still knew they were in the game despite falling behind to the Mavs last night 24-4 in the opening first six minutes of the first quarter.


GIF: Andrew Bogut Gets Super Excited After Slamming Steph Curry’s Lob

Last night DeMarcus Cousins appeared to have a good game on paper: 26 points 11 boards, three steals and four blocks.


Steph Curry’s Dream 3PT Contest Field: His Dad, Larry Bird, And Reggie Miller


We're already on record as believing that this year's Three-Point Shootout field is the best ever assembled.


George Gervin On Klay Thompson: “I Don’t Feel He Broke My Record”


The league's official ledger reads that Klay Thompson broke George Gervin's mark for most points scored in a quarter during his mind-bending 37-point barrage last week.


Video: Stephen Curry’s No-Look Dime & Perfect Lob

During a back-and-forth battle in Oakland, it was none other than Stephen Curry (shocker, right.


Derrick Rose Says “My Game Is Coming Back Slowly” After OT Game-Winner

The Warriors-Bulls game last night started at a frenetic pace.


How Did Steph Curry Make This Ridiculous No-Look Pass?


Steph Curry gave us basketball porn last night.


Watch Steph Curry Throw Half Court Alley-Oop Off A Touch Pass


Stephen Curry makes an incredible half court alley-oop pass.

Warriors Chinese New Year Uniforms

Warriors Unveil Chinese New Year Uniforms (Pics)

The Warriors unveiled special adidas swingman uniforms commemorating the Chinese New Year today, with the team set to wear them on Feb.


LeBron James, Klay Thompson Named Players Of The Week

LeBron James is re-establishing himself as perhaps the game's top player, and Klay Thompson is further staking his claim to legitimate stardom.

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