‘Casino Royale’ Director Martin Campbell Is Tackling French Graphic Novel ‘Sebastian X’

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Martin Campbell is doing his first comic book movie, and it sounds very Bond-ish.


Become A ’90s Secret Agent With The ‘GoldenEye 007′ Theme For Smartwatches

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The hottest James Bond wrist accessory from 1997 can now be yours.

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Pierce Brosnan Relived His Days As James Bond By Playing ‘Goldeneye’ With Jimmy Fallon

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Pierce Brosnan finally plays 'Goldeneye' for the Nintendo 64 and discovers that he's terrible.

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N64 Nostalgia Time — Somebody Did An Awesome Recreation of GoldenEye Using Real People

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If you owned an N64 back in the 90s, you've played more than your fair share of GoldenEye -- partly because it was a classic, partly because it was like, one of only four good games to come out in the N64's first year.


Happy Anniversary, N64: The 15 Best Nintendo 64 Titles Of All Time

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Nintendo’s 64 bit answer to Playstation and Sega Saturn hit ‘96 louder than a sonic boom, rendering a generation of future leaders to gaming zombies at all hours.


The Man With The Golden Gun.

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For all you next-gen gamers thinking you're living it up with your Halo's and Killzone's, let me remind you where it really began at.

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