Robert Allenby

Golfer Robert Allenby Allegedly Drugged, Kidnapped, Beaten, And Robbed In Hawaii

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Meanwhile, the Australian professional is still in Hawaii for another golf tournament. And because he's Australian.

Sports bloopers

Yes It’s Possible To Hit Yourself With A Golf Ball And Yes, This Guy Did It

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Go ahead and waste 6 seconds watching this kid bop himself with a golf ball.

#Viral Videos

Playing Golf Will Never Be The Same For This Guy After He Broke All His Clubs

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This guy named Bryce Bundy absolutely lost his mind after a bad golf round. Here's the wild video.


Here’s Greg Norman Describing His Gruesome Chainsaw Accident On The ‘Today’ Show

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Greg Norman described his chainsaw accident on the Today show and yep, he's very, very lucky.


Watch Rory McIlroy Scare The Crap Out Of His Caddy During A Flight

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If you're going to scare your caddy, make sure you do it on a plane and make sure it's on video.

Tommy Morrisey

This 3-Year-Old With One Arm Is A Better Golfer Than You

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3-year-old Tommy Morrisey was born with one arm, but he hasn't let that stop him from playing golf. Here's his inspirational story.

Golfer fight

A Fight Broke Out Because These Two Golfers Disagreed About A Rule


The best fight on a golf course since Happy and Bob Barker.


Tiger Woods Is Back, At Least In Terms Of Yelling At Fans Who Piss Him Off

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Some noisy fans drew the ire of Tiger Woods, as the former world's best golfer continues his comeback attempt at the British Open.


Meet 11-Year Old Lucy Li, Who Is Competing In The US Open And Possibly Miss America

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The youngest golfer to ever qualify for the US Open, Lucy Li might not be leading the pack, but she's winning in terms of patriotic fashion.


Why Not Enjoy This Footage Of A Dummy Wrecking The Sh*t Out Of A Golf Cart?


A crash test dummy died for our sins in a series of golf cart crash demonstrations, and the video is neck-snappingly great.


Let’s Take A Long, Thorough Look At Alex Morgan’s Golf Swing

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Soccer fox Alex Morgan posted an Instagram video of her golf swing (and of her dancing), so you should probably check that out.


Introducing ‘Big Hole Golf,’ The Game For People Who Just Won’t Get Better At Golf

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Part of the so-called HackGolf movement, Big Hole Golf makes putting a hell of a lot easier for the average newcomer to the sport.


Pablo Larrazabal Was Attacked By Hornets And Reacted Very Accordingly

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Golfer Pablo Larrazabal was attacked by hornets and stung 20 times at the Malaysian Open, and he kept on playing like a boss.


Some Lady Let John Daly Hit A Golf Ball Out Of Her Mouth


John Daly, he of Spongebob pants and Hooters parking lots, hit a ball out of a lady's mouth. Surprisingly, she lived to tell about it.

waffle house

Masters Champion Bubba Watson Celebrated With A Trip To Waffle House

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After winning his second Masters tournament, Bubba Watson celebrated with his grand tradition of grabbing a bite at the Waffle House.


Golf’s Newest Hazard? RATTLESNAKES!


A Marine and Vietnam vet was bitten by a rattlesnake while golfing, and he really didn't make a big deal of such an otherwise horrifying thing.


Update: Charles Barkley Still Hates Shaq, Thinks He’s Too Fat To Fit Into A Car


The epic Charles Barkley / Shaq feud continued on Conan as Sir Charles ranted on Shaq's lotion endorsements and hit Shaq golf balls into the crowd.


Paulina Gretzky Just Made Golf Digest A Whole Lot More Interesting

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Golf Digest didn't really need to justify putting Paulina Gretzky on the cover of its new issue.


Will Ferrell Offered His Expert Insight On This Year's Masters Tournament


Golf fan WIll Ferrell shared his opinions on everything from Jim Nantz's smooth voice to Bubba Watson's fighting ability for a Masters preview.

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