Meet Rebecca Grant, The Woman Becoming Famous For Grabbing Her Boobs At A Clippers Game

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Rebecca Grant is becoming the 'new Katherine Webb' after she was caught fixing her breasts on camera during a Clippers game.


Here’s A Reason To Hate Your Co-Workers

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Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the video that will soon be posted on 2 million Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as every blog from here to the European site that copies all of our posts, and I fully endorse the attention it’s about to receive.


West Virginia Fans Turned It Up To 11

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In Friday’s Watch This, I wrote that the Ohio State-Michigan State game was one of very few exciting games this weekend, and I admittedly overlooked the West Virginia-Baylor game entirely, even though it was the other matchup of two Top 25 teams.


Oakland’s Josh Reddick Enters To Daniel Bryan’s WWE Music, A’s Fans Respond

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And here I thought I was being funny making fat guy noises when Travis Hafner entered to "Well It's the Big Show".


The 'Good Job, Good Effort' Kid Meant It


Two nights ago, after the Miami Heat lost a third straight game to the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals, the Internet was introduced to its newest star – The “Good Job, Good Effort” Kid.


At Least Some Cubs Fans Are Being Proactive

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The bad news for Chicago Cubs fans is that their team is dead last in the NL Central with a 17-32 record, 11 games behind the first place St.

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