‘The Daily Show’ Gloriously Eviscerated A Bunch Of Google Glass ‘Explorers’ Last Night

By | 14 Comments

'The Daily Show' gloriously mocked a bunch of glassholes within an inch of their lives.


Google Glass Is What’s Wrong With Being A Nerd

By | 14 Comments

Google Glass is a nerd's worst instincts forged in glass and wire. Here's why.


Glasshole Being A Glasshole About His Precious Toy Getting Broken

By | 10 Comments

"Protestors" are apparently breaking Google Glass on the streets now, because that's productive.

google glass

Google Pulls The Ultimate Glasshole Move, Tries To Patent The Word “Glass”

By | 11 Comments

Google thinks, because of its silly eyewear, it has a right to the word "Glass." No, seriously!


Here It Is: The Most SXSW Photo Ever

By | 7 Comments

We have found it. The SXSW photo to end all SXSW photos.

san francisco

The Google Glass 'Hate Crime Victim' Would Like Google To Pay For Her Trip To SXSW

By | 30 Comments

Sarah Slocum is still going on about her Google Glass 'attack' and now she thinks Google should send her to SXSW to help spread awareness.


Frotcast 192: Captain Phillips, The Oscars, And Is The Google Glass Lady Real?

By | 31 Comments

The FilmDrunk Frotcast, the world's best movie podcast, discusses Captain Phillips, The Oscars odds, and Google Glass lady Sarah Slocum. Enjoy!

google glass

Google Is Finally Telling Glassholes To Stop Being Glassholes

By | 4 Comments

Google tries to salvage Google Glass by putting out an informative guide to not being a Glasshole.


Google Glass Can Now Be Attached To Your Regular Glasses

By | 6 Comments

Google Glass has so far rejected our tagline: Get Glassed! But at least more people will now be able to laugh at the idea of using them.


The Sacramento Kings Will Livestream Their Games Via Google Glasses Worn By Players & Announcers

By | 2 Comments

The Sacramento Kings are going to livestream their games straight from their faces.


Google Glass Finally Becomes Useful With Apps That Help Firefighters

By | 2 Comments

Google Glass now actually has a reason to exist... and it's not what Google was expecting.


With Leather’s Watch This: Someone Recorded An Entire MMA Fight On Google Glass

By | 3 Comments

A fight at the MMA ImperaFC 2 event in Rome last Saturday was recorded entirely on Google Glass. It looks... interesting.

galaxy gear

Why Are Tech Companies Weirdly Stuck In The ’80s?

By | 12 Comments

Major technology companies have a recent, and troubling theme to their announcements: They're firmly stuck in the 80s.

google glass

Sony’s ‘SmartWig’ Will Change Your Life While Making You Look Damn Good

By | 3 Comments

Did you ever think you needed a wig that could think and control your mobile devices? Well Sony filed a patent for the 'SmartWig' to think that for you.


Google Glass Banned From Restaurant After Glasshole Tries To Get Employee Fired

By | 39 Comments

Another restaurant has banned Google Glass after an incident with a network engineer, with both sides publicly arguing on Facebook.

legal woes

A Woman Was Just Ticketed For Driving While Wearing Google Glass

By | 9 Comments

A Google 'Glass Explorer' got ticketed for driving while wearing Google Glass. But even if it isn't illegal, it's still dangerous.


Is Google Building A Floating Google Glass Store?

By | 2 Comments

Google Glass might be getting a unique store... a floating barge pushed from city to city via rivers.


Google Glass At A Baseball Game Is Cool, Might Create A Nation Of Brain-dead ADD Monsters

By | 9 Comments

Google Glass at a baseball game gives you up-to-the-second reports on who's doing what, how many times and why, because I guess you need that now.

google glass

Oh Dear God, Google Hipster Glasses Might Be Real

By | 3 Comments

Google Glass is already kind of annoying. But get ready: Google Hipster Glasses are on the way.

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