Google Glass Banned From Restaurant After Glasshole Tries To Get Employee Fired

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Another restaurant has banned Google Glass after an incident with a network engineer, with both sides publicly arguing on Facebook.


Google Glass At A Baseball Game Is Cool, Might Create A Nation Of Brain-dead ADD Monsters

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Google Glass at a baseball game gives you up-to-the-second reports on who's doing what, how many times and why, because I guess you need that now.


Another Video Of Google Glass That Looks Too Good To Be Real

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Google released a new promo video about their Google Glass augmented reality headsets and launched a program for pre-ordering a pair for yourself.


'Transformers' In Real Life, How To Deal With Google Glasses, And Links


Today's links, featuring 'Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen' in real life, a fatal flaw with Google Glasses, and a patient dog.


The Internet And Project Glass: The Best Fun With Google Glasses One Week Later


It's been exactly a week since <a href="" target="_blank">Google unveiled the Project Glass sneak peek</a> and the eyewear of the future began taking the internet by storm.


Jon Stewart On 'Lame' Instagram: 'How In God's Name Is That Worth A Billion Dollars?'

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Add Jon Stewart to the long list of people baffled by the appeal of the "lame" photosharing app <a href="">Instagram</a> and why Facebook would pony up a billion dollars for it.


'Blue Screen Of Death' Steps Its Game Up: If Microsoft Made Google Glasses


A couple days ago, Cajun Boy introduced us to the <a href="">Google-produced video</a> about their once-secret Project Glass.

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