Google Maps Is Turning Your City Into A Giant Game Of Pac-Man


Ready to eat dots near where you eat burgers? Google Maps is turning entire cities into Pac-Man boards.


Google Maps Now Allows You To Time Travel Into The Past With Street View

Google Maps now has the ability to travel back in time so you can feel what it's like to be Marty McFly.


Google’s April Fools Joke: Pokémon On Google Maps

Google is issuing an April Fools challenge today: Find all 150 original Pokémon using Google Maps.


Google Maps Is Going To Get Really, Really Creepy Very Soon


Ready for Google Maps to try and control everything you do? Too bad, it's happening anyway.

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DUST IN THE ROOM ALERT: Watch This Abandoned Dog Found On Google Streetview Get Rescued


Not since we met the bionic dog and saw dogs experience sunlight and grass for the first time have we been this touched by the story of a rescue dog.


Allons-y! There’s A Brilliant ‘Doctor Who’ Easter Egg On Google Streetview.

Here are pictures of a funny 'Doctor Who' easter egg on Google Streetview at Earl's Court Road, London. And the reviews are exactly what we expected.


The New Google Maps For Android Is Really Great, But Not Perfect


Google Maps gets an overhaul, and it's great... with a few sticking points.


A Brief History Of Crimes Discovered Via Google Maps

Theft, murder, and lots and lots and lots of nudity: Google Maps is pretty much us at our worst.


Reddit Users May Have Discovered A Murder On Google Maps


Google Maps has captured crimes being committed before. But this may take the cake, if it's what it looks like.

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Redneck Country Band Uses Google Street View Ambush To Film Their Music Video


See the Google Street View-friendly music video for "Could Be Me" by Gunnar and the Grizzly Boys.

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Our Long National Nightmare Is Over: Google Maps For iPhone Is Back

Just hours after being released, the latest version of Google Maps for iPhones became the most downloaded item in the App Store library.

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Marine Walks 5000 Miles Across Asia Using Only Google Maps


Google Maps: Even more reliable than you thought!


Hallelujah, Google Maps For Apple iOS Is Almost Here

Google Maps is finally returning to the iPhone.


Google Maps Is Back On iOS 6! Well, Sort Of.


ClassicMap puts Google Maps where they belong: on your iPhone 5


Senator Really Worried About Google Seeing You Grilling

Both Google and Apple have plans to overhaul their maps in the future: make them more detailed, more precise, and so on.


Google Maps To Map Indoor Spaces, Be Used Exclusively To Find Public Toilets


Ever had that wonderful experience where you're in a city you don't know and suddenly that burrito you had decides to assert itself.


10 Great Moments From SXSW Interactive 2011

Every year, SXSW Interactive finds and displays the best from gaming and the web.

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