Google Is Giving Away Two Of The Year's Best Albums For Free

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Wondering what all this "Yeezus" talk is about? Download the album for free.


There’s An Android App Called ‘Angry Trayvon’ Because People Are The Worst

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In case you hadn't been disgusted enough by the Trayvon Martin case...there's "Angry Trayvon"


Idiot Developers Create ‘Angry Trayvon’ App For Android

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The Trayvon Martin trial recently finished its tenth day of testimony, with both the prosecution and the defense trying to decipher whether screams for help heard over a recorded telephone conversation belonged to Martin or that of George Zimmerman, who claimed to have killed Martin in self-defense.

Year Of The Dragon

Download Busta Rhymes’ “Year Of The Dragon” Free Album, Watch “Life & Rhymes” Documentary

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2012 has been a relatively quiet year for Busta Rhymes so far, and seemingly out of the blue he dropped Year Of The Dragon.

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