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Google Has Banned Rap Genius From Appearing In Its Search Results

By | 9 Comments

You don't want to piss off Google with shady SEO practices. Rap Genius is learning that the hard way.


Wearable Technology Is Destined To Be 2014's Most Embarrassing Fad

By | 5 Comments

The wearable tech fad is about to go mainstream in 2014... and it won't be pretty. We look at next year's inevitable, embarrassing fad.

jimmy kimmel

Here's Adam Scott Demonstrating How-To Google's Top Ten 'How To' Searches Of 2013 In Under A Minute

By | 6 Comments

All your dumb internet "how to" questions answered in under a minute by Parks and Recreation's Mr. Adam Scott.


Here Are The 10 Most Google’d Songs Of 2013


"Harlam Shake" was impossible to ignore in 2013.


Stephen Colbert Has An Adorable Plan To Fight Google’s Terrifying New Robot Army

By | 3 Comments

Google's acquisition of a robotics company might have you concerned, but fear not: Stephen Colbert has a plan.


Here’s Why Google Wants To Build Robots

By | 7 Comments

Google has been on a major robot buying spree, and it might be for reasons other than you might think.


Google Has Acquired A Menagerie Of Robots To Advance Technology And Conquer Humanity

By | 3 Comments

Are you ready for Google robots to assist you with your day to day tasks? Or will this lead to our demise?

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2 Million Passwords Have Been Stolen In A Massive Hack That Might Compromise Your Entire Social Network

By | 10 Comments

Hackers have stolen close to 2 million usernames and passwords over several platforms in a massive attack.


Why Google And Facebook Both Offered Billions To Buy Snapchat

By | 3 Comments

Snapchat has turned down two multi-billion offers. But why did it even get them in the first place?


10 Things Motorola’s Moto X Can Do That Your Lazy Smartphone Can’t

Promoted by Moto X

Your smartphone is clever... but it's also lazy.


So The Internet Is Furious With YouTube’s New Commenting System

By | 14 Comments

The Internet is furious with recent commenting changes as YouTube attempts to clean up its online act.


The Weirdest Things Ever Captured By Google Street View


Here are some of the most bizarre things ever spotted on Google Street View.

big brother

Google Patented A Lie Detector That Can Be Glued To Your Throat

By | 2 Comments

Google has a lie detector it wants to glue to your throat.


Google Isn’t Trying Hard Enough To Remove The Photos From Max Mosley’s Hooker Orgy

By | 6 Comments

Former FIA president and Formula 1 owner Max Mosley earned a victory in court, as a French judge ordered Google to remove all of his hooker orgy photos.


Google Maps Is Going To Get Really, Really Creepy Very Soon

By | 8 Comments

Ready for Google Maps to try and control everything you do? Too bad, it's happening anyway.

daily show

‘The Daily Show’ Shed Light On A Mysterious Google Project Last Night

By | 7 Comments

What's up with those giant barges Google has floating outside San Francisco and Portland, Maine that even the Coast Guard won't talk about? The Daily Show investigates.


Here’s Project Ara, Google’s Would-Be iPhone Killer

By | 9 Comments

Project Ara is going to try and put Apple back where it was in the '90s. But will it work?


Is Google Building A Floating Google Glass Store?

By | 2 Comments

Google Glass might be getting a unique store... a floating barge pushed from city to city via rivers.


Google Wants To End Aging With Calico

By | 4 Comments

Don't want to get old? Nobody at Google does either, apparently.

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