Sarah Palin And Family Were Allegedly Involved In A Massive, Bloody Brawl At A Party

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In a brawl described as like an episode of "Jerry Springer," Sarah Palin allegedly asked, "do you know who I am?"


Comedian John Oliver Parodied Those Dumb GOP Millennial Ads Because Someone Had To


Few things are certain in life, but Republicans' continuing bumblef*ck in courting Millennial voters is one of them.


The GOP Declares Racism Over And The Internet Responds Accordingly

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Racism has ended according to a GOP tweet in honor of the late Rosa Parks and the Internet responds accordingly to the shocking news.

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Watch A Tea Party Congressman Get All Up In A Park Ranger's Face Over A Closed National Park

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Tea Party congressman Randy Neugebauer - who voted to shut down the government - got verbally abusive with a park ranger for a park being shut down.


The GOP Is Really Working Hard To Win Votes From The Pro-Rape Crowd

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Just when you thought you knew where the GOP was going with this election, they throw a curveball.

rick perry

Rick Perry Sh*t The Bed Hard In Front Of The World Last Night


True Story: Last night I was on a JetBlue flight to New York.


President Obama Impersonator Exposes Racism In GOP

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The satirical aspect of the joke seems to be lost on Americans these days.


President Trump?

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We're coming up on primary season here in these great United States, and it just wouldn't be a GOP primary without the spoiled son of a self-made tycoon grabbing a lot of media attention before he flames out (*cough*STEVE FORBES.


Dale Peterson Wants Your Vote, ‘Bama

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<a href=""> If April showers bring May flowers, then May campaign ads bring out a swath of good ol' boys with a touch of crazy. With primary elections just around the corner, inner-party campaigns are swinging for the fences. Candidates on the same sides of battle lines are laying into each other about who is more American, whose voting record is more attune to party issues, and who could more accurately represent the constituency. Or, if you're Dale Peterson -- Alabama Agriculture Commissioner GOP candidate -- you're just trying to make sure thugs and criminals aren't keeping voters in the dark about just how much money an Ag Commish controls. How much money, you ask? Five billion dollars, that's how much. According to this amazing display of Americanism, <a href="">Dale Peterson</a> has been a farmer, a businessman, a cop, a Marine during Vietnam, and, as I imagine, a patient at St.

The Grand Ole Party Of Bootleggers & Tastemakers

South By Southwest Airlines

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Another excuse to remind you to go to our showcase with Nah Right <a href="">today at SxSW</a>.


You Down With G.O.P.?

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When John McCain tried to subvert the Obama camp’s momentum by picking a female running mate, a few people huffed about the gimmickry involved in the decision.

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