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Racism ended when

The GOP Declares Racism Over And The Internet Responds Accordingly

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Racism has ended according to a GOP tweet in honor of the late Rosa Parks and the Internet responds accordingly to the shocking news.


Watch A Tea Party Congressman Get All Up In A Park Ranger's Face Over A Closed National Park

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Tea Party congressman Randy Neugebauer - who voted to shut down the government - got verbally abusive with a park ranger for a park being shut down.


Rick Perry Sh*t The Bed Hard In Front Of The World Last Night


True Story: Last night I was on a JetBlue flight to New York.


President Trump?

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We're coming up on primary season here in these great United States, and it just wouldn't be a GOP primary without the spoiled son of a self-made tycoon grabbing a lot of media attention before he flames out (*cough*STEVE FORBES.

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