It Took Getting A GoPro Camera For This Guy To Realize How Boring His Life Was

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This guy depressingly compared GoPro videos he found on the internet to ones he took himself and realized that life isn't the X Games.

#Viral Videos

This Tourist Got Robbed At Gunpoint In Buenos Aires And His GoPro Caught The Whole Thing

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Here's perhaps the most insane video you'll see this year. A tourist in Buenos Aires had his GoPro on as a man tried to rob him.

female vigilantes

This Vigilante Busting Litterers On Her Motorcycle Is Our New Hero

By | 5 Comments

This woman throwing trash back at people who litter is pure catharsis.


This Woman Achieved Peak GoPro By Filming Herself From Above At The Gym

By | 29 Comments

Peak GoPro, it has been achieved. Thanks, random lady at the gym!


Watch This NYC Cop Deliberately Stand In A Cyclist’s Way During ‘Operation Safe Cycle’

By | 16 Comments

As if you needed a reminder this week that cop dickery is alive and well.


Meet Kama The Surfing Pig, The Star Of GoPro’s Greatest Video Yet

By | 3 Comments

Move over, surfing dogs! There's a new Big Kahuna catching waves, and his name is Kama the Surfing Pig.


Watch A Vicious Fox Murder And Eat This Guy’s GoPro Camera In The Cutest Way Possible

By | 2 Comments

This guy wanted a close up of a fox, and that's pretty much exactly what he got.


A Father Recorded His Wife Giving Birth Outside A Hospital With A GoPro

By | 3 Comments

A Texas couple gave birth to a baby outside a hospital, and they have the whole thing recorded, thanks to a GoPro.


Watch This GoPro Drone Fly Through Fireworks In The Video That Will Make Your July 4th Weekend

By | 9 Comments

Ever wonder what it looks like to fly through a fireworks display? Wonder no more.


Brad Paisley Grabbed This Fan’s GoPro Camera And Used It To Play A Slide Guitar Solo

By | 4 Comments

This fan's Brad Paisley concert experience trumps your concert experience.


Here’s A Man Being Robbed At Gunpoint While His GoPro Films It All

By | 6 Comments

This cyclist got the scare of his life when three men jumped him at gunpoint and took everything but his GoPro camera.


Ever Wonder What Happens Inside Your Dishwasher When It Runs? Now You Can Know, Thanks To This Video

By | 17 Comments

This YouTube user was able to capture what happens when his dishwasher when it runs using a GoPro camera.


Dog Wearing A GoPro? Dog Wearing A GoPro.

By | 3 Comments

Ever wonder what it would be like a dog chasing things and playing catch. That wonder is over.


Superman Equipped With A GoPro? Superman Equipped With A GoPro.

By | 14 Comments

A video finally answers the pressing question of what Superman would do with a GoPro.


Remember To Breathe As You Watch This GoPro Space Jump Super Bowl Ad


Felix Baumgartner makes his record breaking Red Bull Stratos space jump while attached to GoPro cameras. Hang on to everything.


With Leather’s Watch This: Here Is What GoPro Was Truly Invented For

By | 2 Comments

Here's a reminder of why GoPro exists, as this first person motocross crash will certainly make you dizzy.


Kelly McGarry Used A GoPro At The Red Bull Rampage And The Video Is Incredible

By | 4 Comments

Rider Kelly McGarry used a GoPro during his silver medal run at the 2013 Red Bull Rampage and the result was amazing.


Flying From An Eagle’s Point Of View


Experience what it's like to majestically soar through a French mountain range, courtesy of a GoPro-equipped eagle.

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