The 10 Best Bad Boy Singles Not Made By Biggie Smalls

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Give Puffy some credit for maintaining a roster that can stand behind the massive legacy of the Notorious one.


Gorilla Zoe – “What’s Going On” x “I Do It” Videos


Equipped with a larger-than-life ego but humble outlook on life, Gorilla Zoe is still stomping through the concrete jungle of Atlanta as King Kong, his alter-ego and third studio LP.


Gorilla Zoe – “Work” Video

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<a href="">Gorilla Zoe's</a> still out here grindin', putting his stamp on his product and continually pushing it to the masses.


Gorilla Zoe – “Work Hard”


After over half a decade in the game, it pretty much goes without saying Gorilla Zoe puts in work everywhere.

Webster's Laboratory

Chris Webby x DJ Ill Will x DJ Rockstar – Webster’s Laboratory Mixtape

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<a href=""> And the award for 2011's best mixtape art goes to...? We still have a ways to go before the year comes to a conclusion but <a href="">Chris Webby</a> has fully taken advantage of the bootleg market's modus operandi in terms of presentation.


Gorilla Zoe Feat. Lil Jon – “Twisted” Video

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<a href=""> I'm sure no sane mind out there would object if <a href="">Gorilla Zoe</a> decided to turn the club into his own private jungle romper room.


Gorilla Zoe Feat. Lil Jon – “Twisted”

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While I can't speak for the hoes per se, <a href="">Gorilla Zoe's</a> beats haven't stopped steady knockin' since he made a name for himself with "<a href="">Hood N*gga</a>.

Young Dro

Donnis x Nick Catchdubs – Southern Lights Mixtape

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<a href=""> Way over yonder, across the Georgia skyline, sits a manchild with the ability to mix up his own blend of dance on dance and lyrical sensibilities that should make the entire world adopt a southern's charm, soon enough. If you see <a href="">Donnis</a> cooling out on a porch in the backwoods with his Ray-Bans on, just know he's seeing the bigger picture through the Southern Lights.

Samuel L. Jackson

Block Ent Feat. Gorilla Zoe, A.D.G., The Rebel Gang & Samuel L. Jackson – “Atlanta Falcons 2011″

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<a href=""> Pic Via <a href="">NFL</a> It's been a long time coming for Atlanta Falcons football.

The Medicine

Pill Feat. Gucci Mane, Starlito & Gorilla Zoe – “Gotta Have It”

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<a href=""> Pill said let it out because it was <a href="">meant to be heard</a> so fugg it.


Gorilla Zoe – “Like A Drug”

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Most of us were caught off guard when <a href=" ">Gorilla Zoe</a> showed an odd taste for <a href="">echoing</a> European pop on his last release, <a href="">Don't Feed Da Animals</a>.


Gorilla Zoe Feat. Gucci Mane – “Brand New”

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I'm not sure what the actual count is looking like right now, but I'm pretty sure Gucci has released somewhere close to 100 songs this year (Well damn.


Event Recap: The 2009 BET Awards

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Approximately three weeks ago on a Monday morning, I emailed <a href="">Xilla</a> ('Nuff Respect.


DJ Scream & Juicy J – The Realest Ni##a In The Game Mixtape

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Juicy J of Three 6 Mafia Announces Mixtape Collabo With DJ Scream Juicy J is easily one of the most respected figures in the game for all he's contributed to Hip-Hop but whomever gave him the idea that a mixtape would generate interest for his upcoming solo album Hustle Til' I Die surely sold him a wolf ticket during a full moon.


TSS Presents Fifteen Minutes With Gorilla Zoe

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With the constant attention last year's XXL freshman class continues to get, much abandonment has befell on the original 10 that were knighted as the wave of the future.


“What It Is” – Review Of Gorilla Zoe’s Don’t Feed Da Animals

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Zoo’s put up warning signs to patrons about not feeding animals to protect both them and the animals they view.


“At A Loss For Words…” – Gorilla Zoe’s “Echo”

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After Gorilla Zoe stepped out of the box with his delusional street single "<a href="">Lost</a>," I just assumed he would resort to his old hood figga' ways for the rest of his upcoming album, Don't Feed Da Animals.

Tone Tone

“All The Hoes Jockin…”

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"Sittin' on rims the size of Shaq's big toe.

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