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An Important Discussion About ‘Mr. Go,’ The Korean Baseball Movie About A Dinger-Smashing Gorilla

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"Mr. Go is a Korean movie about a 600 lb. home-run-hitting Chinese circus gorilla. "Mr. Go" is a good movie.


Gorilla Throws Poop at Spectators


A cameraman tries to record a poop fight between gorillas, but quickly becomes the target.


Goose vs. Gorilla


A standoff between a gorilla and a goose at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Kansas reaches a surprising conclusion.

Souvlaki Hut Gorilla

All Bow Down To Our New Overlord, Souvlaki Hut Gorilla


The greatest ad in the world, starring a CGI gorilla, might also be the worst.


Gorillas Entertained by Caterpillar


Gorillas at the Calgary Zoo take an interest in a caterpillar making its way across a door in their enclosure.


Young Gorilla vs. Bee


A young gorilla encounters a bee, presumably for the very first time.


Gorilla Brothers Reunited


Kesho and Alf, a pair of gorilla brothers recently reunited at Longleat Safari Park, have welcomed each other with open arms after three years apart.


Gorillas Are Assuredly Plotting Against Us

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Endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda become the first primates observed destroying camouflaged snares to protect younger gorillas.


What Do You Get A Gorilla For His Birthday?


Walk like a man A gorilla who became internet famous when videos of him walking upright went viral on YouTube was given presents to celebrate his 21st birthday this week.

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You Got Donkey Kong In My Donkey Kong

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This morning DailyMail posted an article on how we've been underestimating the intelligence of many animals.



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Today's Forgotten Classic clip comes from a 1977 film called Bruce Lee the Invincible.

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