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The Cheese Falls Alone


Despite getting a handful of just horrible, horrible calls in their favor, the Packers were the first home team to drop a game this postseason.

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Doing It The Right Way Vs. Doing It The 2007 Way


Giants/Packers Playoff Live Blog You might have heard that the last time a playoff game was hosted at Lambeau Field, Eli Manning and the Giants won to advance to Super Bowl XLII.

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Aaron Rodgers Combines For 600 Touchdowns: Your SNF Open Thread


Tonight's offering is a rematch of last year's divisional round playoff game, which the Packers won by roughly 3,000 points.

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The ‘They Did It Right’ Bowl: Towelheads Vs. The Terrible Cheese


Finally, after a two week run-up that featured such prepossessing storylines as Hines Ward going to a strip club, Ben Roethlisberger singing "Piano Man" at a bar and a bunch of injured Packers players being upset for being excluded, then included with criticism, into a team photo, we finally have a football game to a decide a champion.

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KSK Meast And Least For The Divisional Round


The NFLPA has made today #LETUSPLAY day, which probably means little to nothing to you useless you happen to follow a bunch of NFL players on Twitter.

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The Most Ridiculous Play of the Day (Until the Bears Took the Field)


There's always a towering superstructure of fail to rummage through on any given gameday, but this Garo Yepremian-like fumble throw from Brady Quinn was a clear standout on this Sunday, at least until the Bears took the field, started running fake punts up the middle on 4th and 11 (only to challenge them), and generally having a pickerceptionkkake with a side entree of sulk.

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