Skinny Puppy Still Demands The US Pay $666K For Songs Used In Torture Scenarios At Guantanamo Bay

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Canadian Industrial band Skinny Puppy sent the U.S. Government an invoice for $666,000 concerning songs used as torture at Gitmo.

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Sorry, America. The Dude Isn’t Interested In Being A U.S. Senator.

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The internet might want Jeff Bridges to work for the government, but his wife certainly doesn't.

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A Georgia Woman Is Suing Over A City Ordinance That Requires A Prescription To Buy Sex Toys

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City officials in Sandy Springs passed a law to require prescriptions for sex toys, and businesses and people are not happy about it.

Soda Stories

A Man Was Fined $525 For Not Paying $.89 To Refill His Soda

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Free refills clearly don't exist in the federal government.


Must Watch: Seth Rogen Testifies Before The Senate About Alzheimer’s Research

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"Yes, I’m aware this has nothing to do with the legalization of marijuana." Seth Rogen testifies before a Senate committee on Alzheimer's Research.


SHOCK: The United States Government Is Terrible At Cybersecurity

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Did you update your software just now? You literally have better cybersecurity than some departments of the United States government.


This Band’s Music Was Used As A Torture Method, So They Sent The Government An Invoice

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The U.S. government used their songs as a torture device, so Skinny Puppy made the U.S. government pay. Literally.


The Government Is Making Bank On Student Loans! Isn’t That Great?

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$1.2 trillion in student loan debt is creating big profits for the government and big pains for students.

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New Poll: America Likes Hemorrhoids And Cockroaches More Than Congress

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According to Public Policy Polling, more Americans like having hemorrhoids than they like Congress. Sounds about right.


Washington DC Businesses Are Offering Federal Employees Free Stuff During The Shutdown

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Federal employees out of work during this government shutdown are being treated to a variety of free things from grateful Washington DC businesses.

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A Government Shutdown Could Cost Us The National Zoo’s Live Panda Feed

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If a government shutdown occurs, the National Zoo would have to shut down its panda cam. Oh, and a lot of people won't receive their paychecks, too.


Dramatic City Council Commercial


Here's the most over-the-top local access ad you'll ever see, courtesy of Whitehorse City Council.

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The Five Most Important Things About The Federal Employee With ‘Uncontrollable Flatulence’ Story

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While many of us were taking a break from the world wide web, the shades-of-Jerry-Gergich story was taking over the internet.


Ron Swanson’s All-Time Government Quotes Are Here To Save The Day


Thankfully we can count on the world's greatest fictional libertarian in times like these.

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License Plates Scanned At Border Shared With Insurance Companies

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License plate readers: violating your privacy and aiding government stupidity since 2005.


You Probably Have More Computer Storage Than The Drug Enforcement Administration

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Your average laptop comes in at roughly 500GB to 1TB of space standard.

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This Anti-Counterfeiting PSA Is Just Ridiculous

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Let's be clear about something: counterfeit goods are, indeed, a problem, do, in fact, have ties to organized crime, and are, as a rule, fairly crappy and worthless, so you shouldn't buy them.


Meme Watch: Pizza Is Apparently A Vegetable


Last week, the United States Congress passed a revised agriculture appropriations bill that basically stated that 1/8th of a cup of tomato paste could qualify as a half cup of vegetables in terms of nutritional value.


US Government Working On M.A.S.K. Technology


The US government has big plans for the battlefield of the future and they look a sound an awful lot like an 80's toy commercial.

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