Alley Boy – Definition Of F*ck Sh*t 2 Mixtape

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Creating a sequel can sometimes be artistic suicide.


Alley Boy x DJ Drama – Purgatory: The Story Of Judas

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<a href=""> The scientific study of the netherworld between heaven and hell is a glorified one, but street scholars know from experience that the ghetto constitutes as such a place where good and evil co-habitat as one. Your friendly neighborhood <a href="">Alley Boy</a> knows the ropes and he spits the hostile gospel all the while by outlining the snitches with Purgatory: The Story Of Judas.


YelaWolf – “Looking For Alien Love”

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"Tell me, ever in your long-legged-life have you seen an alien catfish.

Tha Bizness

Pill x DJ Drama – 1140: The Overdose

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<a href=""> In case you haven't figured it out, Pill applies his life to a metaphor in perfect context to the environment around him. His addictive lyrical abilities act as stimulants to the audio senses to keep you, the fiends, coming back for more. And since his high hasn't came down since he was named a top freshman in the game and <a href="">shutting down SXSW stages</a>, his co-signer <a href="">XXL </a>acts as the middle man for his latest street shipment <a href="">1140: The Overdose</a>.


Pill – “Ok Denn”

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<a href="">Pill Russell</a> with the hustle, turning his patented catchphrase into song with the release of this Grade A Muzik-produced banger.

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