Young Dro

8Ball & MJG Feat. Young Dro – “Bring It Back”

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Their time spent @ Grand Hustle hasn't seen much by way of productivity from <a href="">8Ball</a> the fat mack and <a href="">M-J-fuckin-G</a>.


T.I.’s Home?

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In somewhat of a silent shocker, the above Twitter message by <a href="">@AmirGrandHustle</a> seems to indicate that one <a href="">Clifford Harris</a> has been released from federal custody.

Yung LA

Yung LA Feat. Young Dro & Big Kuntry – “Damn I Look Good”

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I can't completely vouch for this song, mostly because <a href="">Yung LA</a> sets his standard for rhymes about as high <a href="">Tiger Woods</a> sets his <a href="">standard for women</a>, but I think this fresh-friendly potential single should up the ASCAP checks for these Grand Hustle role players.


“Let ‘Em Talk…”

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While I do respect LC, Gotty and Sheed's <a href="">disdain towards Twitter</a>, if you're following the right people, you can come up on some not-so-frequently-found tunes.


MacBoney – Mac Hussein Mixtape

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I'm not sure how many reflect this sentiment, but P$C's <a href="">25 To Life</a> album was pretty damn good in my eyes.

Yung LA

Young Dro Feat. Yung LA – “I Don’t Know Y’all” Video

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To call Young Dro's latest clip "animated" would be a severe understatement.


B.o.B – “I Feed These Streets”

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"It all started off on Candler Road.

Trench Atlanta 2: The Nard & B Edition

T.I. Feat. Killer Mike & Macboney – “That’s What I Thought”

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Photo: <a href="">B.Rich</a> Pardon me, but I was unfamiliar with this one so if I'm remiss and it's been released before.

Young Dro

Don Cannon & Young Dro Present R.I.P.

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This Dro & Cannon mixtape is nearly three weeks late (it was originally scheduled for 10.

Underground Atlanta

Email Check: Winners For Underground Atlanta & KiD CuDi Posters

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Pony Express finally delivered the autographed vinyl for <a href="">the Underground Atlanta compilation giveaway</a>.


From Killer To Bigga…

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We told 'em last week that certain <a href="">Rappers Desperately Need A Name Change</a> because they could never be marketed correctly (or taken seriously in some cases) and now ATL's favorite nephew Killer Mike has announced to <a href="">AllHipHop</a> that he will forever be known as Mike Bigga.

Young Dro

T.I. Feat. Young Dro – “King On Set”

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Scrap <a href="">the version with B.G.</a>, add in Young Dro, clean up the drum claps & throw it on the More Than A Game OST.

Young Dro

Video: Young Dro Plays Snippet of “I Just Want To Flow”

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"They swore I was a kitten but I'd grow into a Jaguar, Man I went to walking to 'aggin you got a bad car,' Ricky Bobby, fast car.

Underground Atlanta

Listen: Killer Mike’s Underground Atlanta Compilation

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But be sure to enter <a href="">the autographed vinyl giveaway</a> while you're here.

Underground Atlanta

For The Free: Killer Mike’s Underground Atlanta Compilation

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Here @ TSS aka Grind Time Central we've been given another chance to give you good goods.

Young Dro

Video: Young Dro Talks P.O.L.O. & Polo

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<a href="">Young Dro Speaks on Polo</a> from <a href=""></a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.

the smoking gun

Say It Ain’t So Alfamega…

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Nothing like catching up with old friends So much for a 10 round fight.

Urban News Network

Killer Mike – “In My City” Video BTS

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Behind the scenes pics from the video shoot for Killer Mike's "<a href="">In My City</a>.

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