Grant Hill Says Handing Cavs Eastern Conference Title Is “A Bit Premature”

The Cleveland Cavaliers are clear NBA title contenders, and perhaps favorites to win the Larry O'Brien Trophy.

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NBA Players React On Twitter To Donald Sterling’s Lifetime Ban

Earlier this afternoon in a live news conference, Adam Silver announced he has banned Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life and is fully committed to forcing him to sell his franchise.

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We Reminisce: The Forgotten 1994 NBA Draft

With the incoming 2014 NBA Draft class grabbing headlines at both the professional and collegiate level throughout the season, fans of rebuilding NBA franchises will be tuning into the NCAA tournament to see a group of players with the potential to alter the next era of the basketball landscape.


The 20 Most Marketable NBA Players Ever

As basketball continues to grow as a globalized sport, NBA players are raking in more endorsements and more opportunities than ever before.


The 15 All-Time NBA Eastern Conference Starting Lineups


Not everyone can have the same history as the Boston Celtics or Chicago Bulls.


15 Colleges That Produce The Best NBA Players

With All-Stars like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard running the league from an attention standpoint, it's hard to argue that high schoolers can't make the successful jump to the NBA.

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Iconic FILA 96 Colorway Re-Releasing In 2 Days

Last March, the re-release of the iconic white/navy FILA 96 sold out in minutes.


The NBA’s 50 Greatest Poster Dunks Of All Time


There are few things more enthralling and adrenaline-inducing than the art of the poster dunk.


10 Of The Best TV Show Appearances By NBA Players

When it's time to hang up the sneaks, there are very few basketball players that can make the transition to the TV screen.


Look At God: ‘NBA Inside Stuff’ Is Returning To TV On November 2


Let the Fifth Baptist Church of The Midrange Jump Shot say amen.

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NBA TV To Bring Back “NBA Inside Stuff” With Grant Hill As Host

"It's my main man [insert NBA player of your choice].

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The 30 Best NBA Careers Ruined By Injury


The NBA sees a lot of talent come in and out at a rapid pace.


Before LeBron and Kobe, Grant Hill Was the “Next Michael Jordan”

Before Lebron, before Kobe, before Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady, before the Michael Jordan comparisons became ubiquitous, there was Grant Hill, the original heir apparent to His Airness.

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We Reminisce: Grant Hill’s Best Playoff Series & A Super Nasty Dunk On Dikembe Mutombo

After we brought out some old Vince Carter dunk tapes to embarrass him last week, we're bringing you yet another lowlight from Dikembe Mutombo.


Allen Iverson, Michael Redd & Ranking The Best & Worst NBA Draft Classes From 1989-2000


Pundits and fans constantly analyze the NBA Draft, thinking they can nail the right pick.

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