‘Daredevil,’ ‘Predator,’ ‘Bob’s Burgers,’ And Other Comics Of Note, November 19th

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'Bob's Burgers' is back in comics, in our look at this week's notable comic books.

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Exclusive: See What’s Next For Grant Morrison’s ‘Multiversity’

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Grant Morrison pits Nazi versions of DC's heroes against the Freedom Fighters in this exclusive reveal.


Grant Morrison’s Farewell To Superhero Comics, ‘Multiversity’ Finally Arrives In August

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Get ready for some prime Morrison craziness when 'Multiversity' hits this summer...


So, Alan Moore Might Have Secretly Had Batman Kill The Joker

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You'll never look at 'The Killing Joke' the same way again...


4 Other Video Games From Acclaimed Comic Book Writers That Need To Happen

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If Neil Gaiman can make a game, other dark-theme obsessed comic book writers can too!


Grant Morrison Explains Batman’s Life In A Few Visually-Stimulating Minutes

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Grant Morrison talked about his method for handling Batman's backstory, and a fan set the audio to the appropriate visual element from the comics.


Grant Morrison To Alan Moore: Shut Up And Stop Whining

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Grant Morrison performs a precise, polite takedown of a comics legend.


RZA Is Directing A Movie Based On Grant Morrison’s Happy Blue Unicorn

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Former Wu-Tang Clan frontman RZA is directing the movie adaptation of Grant Morrison's 'Happy!', a noir detective satire with a blue unicorn. No, really.


DC Finally Adds Some ‘Multiversity’ To Its Lineup

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'Multiversity' has been delayed to late 2013. But it'll be worth the wait.


As Of 2013 Grant Morrison Is Done With Superheroes. Also, Batman Incorporated #3 Delayed Due To Aurora Shootings


Grant Morrison's time as a mainstream DC Comics superhero writer is coming to an end. Also, you're going to be waiting longer for Batman Incorporated #3...


'Dinosaurs Versus Aliens' Is Now A Trilogy, Releases A Teaser

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Grant Morrison and Barry Sonnenfeld unveil the first teaser for "Dinosaurs Versus Aliens", intended to be a trilogy of movies. Yes, really.


Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens Exists, Has A Trailer Now

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With the incredible box office failure of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, it might be time for studios to start to reconsider this new genre of combining two seemingly unrelated ideas into a mash-up of action excitement.


The Comic You Need to Read This Week: "Batman Incorporated" #1

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Grant Morrison is, of course, a beloved writer, but even beloved writers have their off-days.


Grant Morrison Gives An Update On ‘Dinosaurs Versus Aliens’


The Kansas Board of Education tells me this is 100% historically accurate.


Christian Bans Grant Morrison, Internet Reacts Calmly. Not.

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So, in "Action Comics" #1, Superman gets blown up at one point and mutters "GD".


Grant Morrison Performs a Song By…John Lennon?


Grant Morrison is one of the loveable lunatics of comic books.

Grant Morrison

In honor of ‘Dinosaurs vs. Aliens’ being developed, here are some other ideas

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Late yesterday it was <a href="http://www.deadline.com/2011/05/how-would-aliens-fare-against-dinosaurs-barry-sonnenfeld-aims-to-find-out/">announced</a> that Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld would team with comic book writer Grant Morrison to develop a graphic novel and movie called Dominion: Dinosaurs Versus Aliens.


What’s the Latest Stunning Twist in Batman Comics?

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You might think, from that image, that they've finally decided to make all that gay subtext text (and seriously, who approved the cover that looks like two Batmen pulling a train on Robin.

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