Here’s An Amazing Shootout Goal From A 9-Year Old

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By way of <a href="" target="_blank">@frostml</a> and our friends at <a href="" target="_blank">Bob's Blitz</a> comes this clip of 9-year old Iowan Carter Frost scoring a Minnesota AAA hockey shootout goal like a boss.


Soccer Finally Deserves To Be Called Football

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If you're like most Americans, you do that thing where you go PFFT, WHAT, YOU MEAN SOCCER when somebody calls soccer "football.


Todd Bertuzzi Brings East Bay Funk To Preseason Hockey

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The adjective the announcers use to describe this goal is Datsyukian ("of or relating to Pavel Datsyuk"), but to me it was absolutely Isaiah Riderian.


He Should’ve Called Motion

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This is the closest I've seen soccer get to pick-up basketball, and from the look of things it was almost as competitive.


The Coolest Israeli-Canadian Hockey Goal You’ll See Today

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If there's one thing we don't cover enough on this blog, it's the International Ice Hockey Federation Division III Championships.


Four-Second Soccer Goal

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Four seconds is not only the amount of time I would last in bed with that lovely goddess Larissa Riquelme in the picture above, but it is also how long it took an Italian soccer team to score against some other Italian soccer team I can't spell or pronounce.


Wayne Rooney Is Good At Soccer

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We finally tracked down some video of Wayne Rooney's bicycle kick goal against Man City over the weekend.

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