Give It Up For Roman Reigns’ Incredible Paul Bearer Impression

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Roman Reigns does an incredible Paul Bearer impression, as if you needed another reason to love Roman Reigns. OHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS!

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Relive ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 4 With This Incredible Impressionist

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Varys' still creepy, even when someone's doing an impression of him.

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Take A Moment To Enjoy The Horribleness Of Andy Roddick’s Jay Z Impression

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Tennis star Andy Roddick is good at things. Tennis, being married to Brooklyn Decker. He's also bad at some stuff, like Jay Z impressions. Here's that.


VIDEO: Probably the best Stallone/DeNiro Impressions You’ll Ever See

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Depending on how you feel about awkward comedy, our friend and Cars director <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/tag/bobby-hacker" target="_blank">Bobby Hacker</a> is either the best or worst person in the world for finding this video today.

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Tom Cruise, Sham Wife Boycott Oscars

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Back in November, angelic unicorn whisperer Anne Hathaway hosted Saturday Night Live and the result was an episode that wasn’t necessarily terrible.

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