Giant Terrifying Great White Shark VS. Slightly Less Giant Terrifying Great White Shark: WHO YA GOT?

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Watching two Great White Sharks fight each other does little to make them less TERRIFYING.


What’s On Tonight: ‘Drunk History’ And Nothing Else

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We're just a few weeks away from the oasis of fall programming, but in the meantime things are looking bleaker than ever.

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Snoop Dogg Is Back With Another ‘Plizzanet Earth’ About Great White Sharks On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’


Jimmy Kimmel had Snoop Dogg back on for our very favorite nature segment in talk show history.


This Great White Shark Choking To Death On A Sea Lion Is One More Reason To Never Visit Australia

By | 16 Comments

Remember how Australia is absolutely terrifying? Here's a shark choking on a sea lion to remind you.


Meet The Horrible Ocean Monster That Ate A Nine-Foot-Long Great White Shark

By | 24 Comments

Something in the ocean ate a nine-foot-long Great White Shark...

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