And What’s The Deal With Jerry Seinfeld’s First Selfie?

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Jerry Seinfeld and his wife, Jessica, are on vacation in Greece, and she shared his first ever selfie on Instagram.


A Greek Cup Match Was Delayed By A Stadium Full Of Fans With Flares And Now We’re Just Playing In Hell

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We've seen soccer stadiums on fire and matches interrupted by thrown flares, but never an entire stadium of fans with flares on fire.


This App Kills ‘Vertical Video Syndrome’ So You Can Stop Punching Strangers

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Someone has finally come up with a solution for the dreaded Vertical Video Syndrome (people holding their camera the wrong way).


Here’s Your Hilarious Soccer Own Goal Of The Week, Courtesy Of Greece


In yesterday's draw against Romania, Greeceā€™s Vasilis Torosidis provided all of Romania's offense with this somewhat impressive own goal.


WATCH: Greek commercial uses Django Unchained to sell school supplies for kids

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It's a shame we haven't had any Django Unchained tie-in commercials here in the oh-so-sensitive United States of Puritan Wieners, but luckily Greece is picking up the slack with this new commercial for Jumbo, a chain store that reimagines itself as a Django-style hero, freeing parents from the bondage of high pencil prices.


A Greek Television Station Accidentally Aired Softcore Porn During A News Broadcast

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A Greek television station accidentally aired footage from a softcore porn film in the background of their news broadcast.


Off The Post, Off The Post, Off The Other Post, Off A Fourth Post, Nothing But Net


In what could very well end up being a commercial for Verizon (our calls always get through), here's a guy trying to kick a soccer goal, bricks it off the post and ends up hitting FOUR goal posts in total.


The Coolest Israeli-Canadian Hockey Goal You’ll See Today

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If there's one thing we don't cover enough on this blog, it's the International Ice Hockey Federation Division III Championships.


Greece produces slick, wannabe Hollywood blockbuster

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This is the trailer for Dogtooth, a film from Greece opening June 25th in New York City.

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