Brandon Bostick

Brandon Bostick’s NFC Title Game Gaffe May Have Cost Him His Job In Green Bay

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The last time we heard from Green Bay tight end Brandon Bostick, he was leaping into the air in the closing minutes of the NFC Championship game against Seattle to recover an onside kick with his team ahead 19-14.


A Couple Who Bought A Sweater At Goodwill For 58 Cents Later Discovered It Once Belonged To Vince Lombardi

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Sean and Rikki McEvoy were shopping at a Goodwill store in West Asheville, NC last summer when they came across an old West Point sweater which they purchased for $0.


An NFL Player Was Arrested With 357 Grams Of Marijuana And An Astounding $190K In Cash

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Well, well, well, it appears we've reached peak NFL offseason just days after the Super Bowl.

strategy games

At Least The Green Bay Packers Can Spend The Off Season Playing ‘The Settlers Of Catan’

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Most of the team's starting offense spent the past few months honing their board game skills.


Did Ndamukong Suh Purposely Step on Aaron Rodgers’ Leg?

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Everyone is calling Ndamukong Suh dirty for this play. What do you think?


Aaron Rodgers Did His Best Santa Claus Impressions With A Bunch Of TVs

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The quarterback for the Green Bay Packers bought gifts for his offensive linemen. What about the rest of the team, ya jerk?


Tom Brady’s Colorful Language Generated Quite A Few Complaints To The FCC

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Tom Brady's f-bombs on national television earned him some FCC complaints


A TV Camera Caught A Group Of Bills And Packers Fans Fighting In The Stadium Parking Lot

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A local news station was on the scene in Buffalo following the Bills' 21-13 win over the Packers on Sunday when a group of opposing fans began wrestling each other right in front of the camera.


Nose-Licking, Clay Matthews, And Fart Noises… It’s The Trailer For ‘Pitch Perfect 2′

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Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and the Bellas are back to take on the rest of the world's best singers.


The Chicago Bears Did Something No Other Team Had Done Since 1923

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How Many Futility Records Do The Chicago Bears Have To Break To Officially Hit Rock Bottom?


Aaron Rodgers’ Doppleganger Made His Way To Green Bay To Fool The Locals

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Packer Fans Did A Discount Seeing Double Check When Aaron Rodgers' Lookalike Made His Way To Green Bay.


Aaron Rodgers Says This Audible Is A Tribute To ‘Smokin’ Jay Cutler’

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What does this audible mean? Aaron Rodgers explains in an interview with ESPN.

Romeo And Juliet

Here’s An Amusing Look At The Bears-Packers Rivalry As Told Through Romeo And Juliet


The Bears-Packers rivalry is much more intense (and amusing) when you combine it with Romeo and Juliet.

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