NFL Divisional Playoffs Predictions: Baltimore Vs. Houston, Green Bay Vs. New York

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By the time we all shut our eyes tonight, the NFL's Final Four will be set in stone and the march to Indianapolis one step closer to completion.


Your NFL Recap: Week 16

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We usually focus our NFL recaps around the weekly games that occur on Sunday.


Breaking News: Ndamukong Suh Has Serious Anger Management Issues

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If this ends up being true, it might be the greatest thing ever: during an interview with KXTG in Portland, Oregon, former Packers offensive lineman Matt Brock introduced the theory that Ndamukong Suh's Thanksgiving stomp session may have happened because Green Bay offensive line coach James Campen told Evan Dietrich-Smith to untie Suh's shoes.


NFL Recap: Week 14

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At the glitzy age of ten years and fourteen weeks, the Houston Texans finally clinched their inaugural AFC South division title and accompanying playoff berth.


A Tale Of Two NFL Parodies: ‘Don’t Ice Ice Bailey’ Vs. ‘I Could Be Your Jordy’

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By icing his own kicker in the 4th quarter on what should have been an easy game-winning field goal, Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett basically took the door off the hinges and invited parody into his life.

taiwanese animation

Taiwanese Animation: Ndamukong Suh Has A Spirit Bomb, Love Taste Of Human Flesh


You know, for some reason I thought Ndamukong Suh transmogrifying from the Bob's Big Boy to humiliate the Cleveland Browns was going to be the best part of this video, but no, in the very next scene he uses a Spirit Bomb to attack Jay Cutler (which, while hilarious, doesn't seem necessary.


The NFL Should Screen Its Anthem Singers

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Former "American Idol" contestant Lauren Alaina became the show's latest singer to be shoe-horned into a NFL broadcast for the sake of synergy, as she sang the National Anthem before yesterday's game between the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers.


Ndamukong Suh Is Thankful For A Vacation

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For the Green Bay Packers, the Thanksgiving against the Detroit Lions was business as usual.


Open Thread: Thanksgiving Football 2011

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Roger Goodell is grinning ear-to-ear.


Finally, Someone Hates Aaron Rodgers

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If you had told me that someone was going to conduct a poll in Wisconsin about Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers' popularity, I would have slapped you and told you to stop wasting money.


Congratulations To The Indianapolis Colts!

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Well, the time comes when the lights need to be turned on and the party must end.


Basketball Is Gone Forever, So Watch This Soccer Guy F**k Up A Lambeau Leap


I guess the yelling GOAAAAAAAAAL thing is the best part of being a soccer announcer, but I feel like if I watched a guy try to jump into the stands and end up trapped in a field-side bush I'd stop screaming for a second and say something about it.


Last Call For This Weekend’s Free Fantasy Football, Play And Win $250

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<a href=""> <a href="">My team is set. As promised, I drafted Aaron Rodgers, all 21-k-plus of him, and I'm hoping he's enough of an undercover secret for me to gain the advantage and win our weekend's free fantasy football game through Draftstreet. If not, at least I can know I associated his performance with this sad looking dog in a cheesehead, and that is something. If you haven't <a href="">signed up to play yet</a>, I'm urging you to do so now.


Your NFL Recap: Week Nine

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2008 was the year of perfection.

tim tebow

“Suck For Luck” Power Rankings: Week 7

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While a 2-win record is hardly something to be proud of through Week 7, it has become the first actual dividing line between the pretenders and contenders for this “Suck for Luck” sweepstakes.


Meme Watch: Aaron Rodgers Photobombing Throughout History

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Last week we had a lot of fun with the realization that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers <a href="">sure loves photobombing his teammates</a>.


Aaron Rodgers Is The Best At Photobombing

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I have a very short list of athletes that I believe it is impossible to hate - Albert Pujols and the Iron Sheik.

tim tebow

“Suck For Luck” Power Rankings: Week 5

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We're finally starting to see a bit of separation in the rankings, at least now that Kansas City realized that it can still defeat the really crappy teams and the Minnesota Vikings remembered that they just paid Adrian Peterson a gajillion dollars to lean on him for the next few years.

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