Gregg Williams Didn't Do Anyone Any Favors


The New Orleans Saints were under investigation for running an alleged bounty program after they won the Super Bowl in 2009.


New Orleans Saints Under Investigation For Doing Fatalities To Brett Favre

For once, a YouTube comment cuts to the heart of a story.


Charles Barkley Rips “Punk” That Snitched On Gregg Williams


Charles Barkley has never been one to shut his mouth.


That Video That May Or May Not Be Peyton Manning Has People Buzzing


On Friday, a very poor quality video of a guy in a white helmet throwing a football at Duke University showed up on YouTube and people were like, “Well Peyton Manning has a white helmet and he’s been hanging out at Duke, so it must be him.


Barkley On Gregg Williams: 'No Loose Talk, No Second Thoughts And No Snitching'


His appearance on 'The Dan Patrick Show' might not have reached deeply into the complex heart of the Gregg Williams/New Orleans Saints bounty controversy, but one thing was made perfectly clear: if you go to the police with this, Charles Barkley is willing to murder you with a nail gun he bought at the Hardware Barn and drag your dead ass into a vacant building.


On The Saints, NFL Bounties And Finally Being Treated Like Regular Human Beings


Okay, kids, I'm going to try to be objective about this, but you know and I know that at some point I'm going to fail.

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