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Check Out The Incredible Stained Glass Movie Posters Of Designers ‘Von Orton’

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Italian designers and twin brothers Von Orton have created this incredible series of stained glass movie posters for some of our favorite 80s hits.


Have An Adorably Terrifying Tuesday With These ‘Gremlins’ GIFs

By | 11 Comments

'Gremlins' mixes the cute with the disturbing. Perfect for a Tuesday morning!


Are You Ready For A ‘Gremlins’ Remake? Well, You Better Be!

By | 19 Comments

'Gremlins' is getting a remake, and hopefully they remember not to make CGI Gizmo incredibly creepy.


This Church In France Is Crawling With Sci-Fi Gargoyles

By | 9 Comments

In the northwest of France there is a Roman Catholic church with sci-fi gargoyles on its exterior, added during a restoration. Yes, we have pictures.


Warners Wants To Reboot Gremlins. Of Course.

By | 4 Comments

Warner is once again negotiating with Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment to reboot the '80s franchise, 'Gremlins'.

Let Us Never Forget The ‘Gremlins’ Video Game That Wasn’t


It appears as though a decade or so ago someone thought it'd be a great idea to turn Gremlins into a video game for PS2 and Gamecube systems.

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